In the Trenches at Petersburg: Field Fortifications and Confederate Defeat

In the Trenches at Petersburg, the final volume of Earl J Hess s trilogy of works on the fortifications of the Civil War, recounts the strategic and tactical operations around Petersburg during the last ten months of the Civil War Hess covers all aspects of the Petersburg campaign, from important

The 48th Pennsylvania in the Battle of the Crater: A Regiment of Coal Miners Who Tunneled Under the Enemy

In May 1864, with Lee s army occupied in an attempt to delay Grant sadvance toward the Confederate capital, the Army of the Jamescommanded by Benjamin Butler disembarked 15,000 Union troops atBermuda Hundred, five miles from Petersburg and several vitalConfederate supply lines Although the Union wa

Richmond Must Fall: The Richmond-Petersburg Campaign, October 1864 (Civil War Soldiers and Strategies)

In the fall of 1864, the Civil War s outcome rested largely on Abraham Lincoln s success in the upcoming presidential election As the contest approached, cautious optimism buoyed the President s supporters in the wake of Union victories at Atlanta and in the Shenandoah Valley With all eyes on the

Confederate Alamo: Bloodbath at Petersburg's Fort Gregg on April 2, 1865

Robert E Lee faced the most monumental crisis of his military career on the morning of April 2, 1865 By sunrise that morning, the Union 6th Corps had punched a huge hole in Lee s outer line, southwest of Petersburg He needed time for reinforcements to arrive from Richmond, but how could his deple

The Last Citadel: Petersburg, Virginia, June 1864-April 1865

Perhaps no other battle or campaign of the American Civil War equalled the siege of Petersburg, Virginia For 292 days, the war s final drama was played out over the fate of this once gracious Southern town, the last bulwark of the Confederacy The book covers the 11 month siege of Petersburg.