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Live-Action Adventures Gamemaster Toolkit Welcome To The Gamemaster Toolkit The Toolkit Is A Resource For The Gamemaster Of Star Wars Live Action Adventures, Designed To Make Your Life Easier When Planning And Running Live Action Roleplaying Adventures LARPs Part 1 Features Tips On Logistically Planning And Running LARP Events From Building Up A Pool Of Players To Elegant Ways Of Wrapping Up A Game Out Of Control, It S All Here And If Dice And LARPs Don T Mix In Your Group, Try Out The Two New Alternate Diceless Systems We Ve Cooked Up One Is A Flexible Card Based System With Some Cool Randomizing Features, While The Other Is A Quick And Deadly System That, Like Rock, Paper, Scissors, Is A Hands Only Event Visit Ord Mynock Freeport In Part II A Detailed Spaceport Setting For Your Live Action Adventures, Ord Mynock Freeport Includes Locations For Encounters And Has Numerous Gamemaster Characters To Provide Atmosphere And Information For Players Part III Consists Of Four Ready To Run Scenario Modules For Five To Eight Players Use One Scenario Module For An Evening S Worth Of Entertainment, Or Combine Two Or Modules For A Full Sized Live Action Adventure For Up To Twenty Five Players And Finally, Tools And Toys To Enhance Any Star Wars LARP Event Part IV Features New Item Cards, Support Character Cards, Equipment Tables, And.

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