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Cat-A-Logue: A Curiosity of Feline Facts Who Composed The Cat S Fugue Inspired By The Sound Of His Cat Walking Across The Keys Of The Piano What Is Ailurophilia In Which Country Do People Believe That The Souls Of The Departed Live In The Bodies Of Cats Before Moving On To The Next Life When Were Cats Worshipped As Gods Why Did Edward Lear, Composer Of The Owl And The Pussycat, Have Two Houses, One In Italy And The Other In England, That Were Exactly The Same How Did A Cat Single Handedly Wipe Out An Entire Animal Species Quench Your Kitty Curiosity And Discover The Answers To All These Vital Questions And In This Fascinating Fandango Of Feline Facts.

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    The format of the book was not all that appealing, but it did supply many fascinating feline facts and stories.

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