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Changing Anarchism: Anarchist Theory and Practice in a Global Age The Massive Protests Against Globalization In Recent Years Have Rekindled Interest In Anarchism Changing Anarchism Sets Out To Reposition Anarchist Theory And Practice By Documenting Contemporary Anarchist Practice And Providing A Viable Analytical Framework For Understanding It.The Contributions Here, From Both Academics And Activists, Raise Challenging And Sometimes Provocative Questions About The Complex Nature Of Power And Resistance To It The Areas Covered Include Sexuality And Identity Psychological Dependency On Technology Libertarian Education Religion And Spirituality Protest Tactics Mental Health And Artistic Expression And The Ongoing Metaphorical Wars Against Drugs And Terror This Collection Epitomizes The Rich Diversity That Exists Within Contemporary Anarchism As Well As Demonstrating Its Ongoing Relevance As A Sociological Tool.

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    This was a really fun set of short contributions from various authors on a wide range of contemporary issues relevant to anarchist theory and practice I checked it out for Steve Millett s chapter on Fifth Estate s Critique of the Megamachine, which really breaks down that thesis into its most important parts and gives the recent interest in anarcho primitivism some hope for a much intellectually well rounded critique drawing on Marx, Ellul, and Jacques Camatte Other contributions in the book include issues of anarchist trends explicit and implicit in libertarian schools like Summerhill, the way the concept of sexual orientation counterproductively perpetuates dualistic thinking, ways of challenging the stigma of mental illness through art, poetr...

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