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Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes Perfect For Fans Of Where D You Go, Bernadette And Small Admissions, A Wry And Cleverly Observed Debut Novel About The Privileged Bubble That Is Liston Heights High The Micro Managing Parents, The Overworked Teachers, And The Students Caught In The Middle And The Fallout For Each Of Them When The Bubble Finally BurstsIsobel Johnson Knows Helicopter Parents Like Julia Abbott A Stage Mom Whose World Revolves Around Interfering In Her Children S Lives Come With The Territory Julia Resents Teachers Like Isobel, Who Effortlessly Bond With Students, Including Julia S Own Teenagers, Who Have Started Pulling Further Away From HerIsobel Has Spent Her Teaching Career In Liston Heights Side Stepping The Community S High Powered Families But When She Receives A Threatening Voicemail Accusing Her Of Anti Americanism And A Blatant Liberal Agenda, She Realizes She S Squarely In The Fray Rather Than Cowering, Isobel Doubles Down On Her Social Justice Ideals Meanwhile, Julia, Obsessed With The Casting Of The High School S Winter Musical, Inadvertently Shoves The Female Student Lead After Sneaking Onto The School Campus The Damning Video Footage Goes Viral And Has Far Reaching Consequences For Julia And Her Entire FamilyWith Nothing To Unite Them Beyond The Sting Of Humiliation From Public Meltdowns, Isobel And Julia Will Find Common Ground Where They Least Expect It, Confronting A Secret Facebook Gossip Site That S Stirring Up Trouble For This Tumultuous, Fractured School Community

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    Even though there are quite a few different subjects explored in this novel, it was actually a pretty light read It was like I was reading something with substance and value but how it was written with the different character perspectives made it a very easy book to fly right thru Really enjoyed this one.High school teacher Isobel Johnson recognizes most of the privileged students she teaches pretty much live in a bubble and therefore she works hard in trying to get them to open their eyes to the world around them She receives a threatening voicemail complaining about her progressive curriculum Julia Abbott is your typical helicopter parent and one day she really messes up and let s just say her entire family is going to feel the consequences of her actions So what do Isobel and Julia have in common Well, they both are subjected to some gossipy posts on a secret Facebook page where parents complain about the school faculty as well as other parents With so many shenanigans going on among the adults, it sure doesn t seem like this school is providing the best learning environment for the students.While I was reading this book I kept wondering who has it harder the teachers, the parents, or the students I ve yet to come up with an answer but I sure am glad it has been years since I have been anywhere near a school as I don t think I could handle all that drama again especially now that social media has been introduced into the mix.There are many issues the author tackles in this novel but like I said before it doesn t feel like such a heavy read With all of the different character perspectives you at the very least have an understanding of who they are as individuals even if you don t necessarily agree with all of their actions My only small criticism is I thought Isobel was a little too picture perfect The author barely grazed the surface of white female liberalism and I think it would have been fascinating if she would have explored that Overall, a good read and the type of book that would make for a fun book club discussion.Thank you to Berkley for providing me with a free advance copy in exchange for an honest review

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    Another winning from our not our normal read stack of books that Elisha from Berkley sends our way Minor Dramas Other Catastrophes by Kathleen West was such a great surprise for me and I loved the different take she took on high school politics, the privileged bubble and those overbearing parents known as helicopter parents She takes an interesting and sharp look through helicopter mother Julia who becomes the gossip of the school and teacher Isobel whose teaching methods come under fire by those helicopter parents They find themselves each with a different conflict that catches up to them on social media and through the students POV, we see how they become the ones with the voice of reason.The clean tone and tight plotting around the adults behaving badly keeps the drama low and there is no teenage drama, allowing the story to be fun and entertaining from start to finish.I received a copy from the publisher.

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    Timely, relevant compelling MINOR DRAMAS OTHER CATASTROPHES by KATHLEEN WEST is a fascinating, artful, and captivating debut novel that immediately grabbed my attention and held strong right to the very end There is a full cast of characters here but mainly revolves around Julia Abbott a stage mom who is your typical helicopter parent and a school teacher, Isobel Johnson who Julia is harassing The soap opera antics of Julia Abbott made this quite entertaining, amusing and definitely a fun one for me to read There are quite a few subjects explored here and characters to follow along with but surprisingly this wasn t a heavy read by no means for me and I didn t seem to have a problem with keeping everyone straight The multiple character perspectives made this quite interesting and an easy book to read that I zipped right through KATHLEEN WEST delivers an intriguing, witty, and well written story here that was extremely readable I really appreciated that while I would say that this was of a lighthearted tale it did have a substantial amount of truth and value to the storyline The author did a wonderful job at fully immersing me into this story and keeping me interested I can totally see this story being made into a movie.Norma s Stats Cover Eye catching, relevant, intriguing, impactful and an excellent representation to storyline.Title The title immediately intrigued me and I think it is a fitting representation to storyline There was definitely plenty of drama to be had here and some catastrophic decisions that s for sure Writing Prose Well written, readable, straightforward, easy to follow, and captivating.Plot Engrossing, lighthearted, relevant, funny, shocking, thought provoking, interesting, steadily paced, and entertaining.Ending A satisfying, fun, pleasing, and neat resolution Overall This was a very good, fun, entertaining, and lighthearted book with some substance that I thoroughly enjoyed Would recommend Thank you so much to Elisha at Berkley Publishing for kindly gifting me a copy of this book.

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    Entertaining, engaging, relevant Cathleen West s debut was such a great read Adults behaving badly yes please I really do enjoy these books about over the top helicopter parents I was both a dance mom and a baseball mom and I know how easy it is to get caught up in all of it I can always see a little piece of myself in these parents and I am so glad I never fell down that helicopter rabbit hole it was close though Julia is the ultimate helicopter mom, she just cannot wait to find out if her son Andrew got a part in the school s theater production When she can wait no longer she shows up at school to check out the cast list for herself, this leads to an unfortunate accidental altercation with a student that of course is videoed When the video goes viral Julia her husband, and of course her kids are all humiliated Isabell is a passionate teacher who really cares for her students, but always pushes the line But not all the parents including Julia are in favor of Isabels agenda Both Julia and Isabell fall victim to a secret Facebook group that just fuels the fire What follows is a fun lighthearted entertaining story that will make you laugh at how crazy we all can sometimes be The story is told from multiple perspectives not only that of Julia and Isabell, but also of the husband, the kids, the principal, and other teachers Even with all these different characters perspectives I was never confused and I thought it really added so much to the story Julia was definitely an easy character to hate, but she did become a little sympathetic as the story evolved Isabell was an awesome teacher and I loved her passion, but I had to think how I would feel if she was pushing my kids in a direction I did not want them to be I actually think I d be OK, I d have to trust that I had raised my kids to think for themselves This book touches on a lot of serious subject matter, but handles it in a lighthearted readable relatable way This book will appeal to all parents for sure, but I think it will be a fun read for anyone who enjoys stories about human nature This book in emojis Big thank you to Berkley for my gifted copy of this book All opinions are my own.

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    Liston Heights High is a privileged place, except maybe for the teachers The parents tend to hover around and add pressure as needed.Isabel is a teacher students easily love, and for whatever reason, Julia Abbott, a parent of students at the school, resents that Well, actually, she resents it because her teenagers are pulling away from her as they become closer to Isabel.Things come to a head when Isabel receives a threatening voicemail, and she knows she can no longer lay low.At the same time, Julia is caught on video pushing a student who was named lead of the winter musical The video goes viral.Believe it or not, Julia and Isabel form a bond through these experiences that toss them to the fringes.Minor Dramas is an easy read, meaning it s so well written you can breeze right through it It confronts several timely topics head on, but in a way that doesn t overwhelm I found the whole book full of sheer entertainment, and it surprised me in the best of ways.Overall, Minor Dramas and Other Catastrophes is an addictive, easy breezy visit back to high school I received a complimentary copy.Many of my reviews can be found on my blog www.jennifertarheelreader.com and instagram www.instagram.com tarheelreader

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    note to self don t assume i ll like a book just because the title is a pun.review to come 2 stars hehe minor dramas because this is a book about small emotional events and also about children s theaterdrama performed by minorsha ha ha yay puns thanks to the publisher for the ARC

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    Contemporary drama revolving around a high school Julia Abbott is a helicopter mom who does something dumb at the high school, and, of course, it s caught on video She goes viral, causing problems for her and her kids Meanwhile, the teachers are worried about their jobs since enrollment is down Isobel Johnson is a teacher that tends to push issues in an attempt to broaden her students perspectives This makes her a target for some of the parents, who wish she would simply stick with the curriculum.Told using multiple points of view, the drama of family and school life plays out Along with Julia and Isobel, other POVs are used, including another teacher and Julia s kids The use of multiple viewpoints works for this novel, and allows for a variety of topics to be covered.A fun read for fans of family dramas and school politics A wonderful debut novel Entertaining, compelling, and relevant I received a free digital copy of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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    I enjoyed both Where d You Go Bernadette and Small Admissions, which, in the marketing copy, this book is compared to It shouldn t be It does feature those insufferable helicopter parents that I don t know personally but have read about Maybe it s because I m not a parent myself and I grew up in the days that preceded Law and Order being on TV twenty four hours a day on multiple channels, so my parents let my sister and me play outside all day and simply figured we d show up at dinner when we got hungry Their idea of interfering in our studies was taking us to the library every week so we could read all the books we wanted.The students in this novel are all wonderful The villains are the adults Not just the parents, who were far worse than any character from the movie Mean Girls, but also some of the teachers and administrators who only want to not anger the parents getting the students to actually think for themselves is obviously too subversive because then they might not agree with their parents on everything Maybe if I recognized parents like that, I would have liked the distinctive soap opera drama over things that were outstandingly trivial , but this story line just didn t quite do it for me.Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book, which RELEASES FEBRUARY 4, 2020.

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    The story was slow going at the beginning until it got to a point when I couldn t put it down any I spent my Sunday finding excuses to listen to the audiobook, and thanks to the captivating story, I finished the biggest part of the audiobook in just a few days.When it came to the two main characters, Julia was the one that was the least likable at the beginning She made me roll my eyes so hard That woman just couldn t stop interfering in her kids school life She was the epitome of every helicopter mom, and she definitely had a hard time recognizing her faults But I think what made her so believable in the end was that I ve met parents like her, the overzealous super mom.Where Julia was a super mom, Isobel was a super teacher Her zeal for helping her students to become kind and caring adults was admirable But she was also someone that always pushed the limits If I had been her principal she would have driven me nuts with her demands On the other hand, her passion for teaching was palpable and heart warming She was definitely one of my favorite characters.The social media fallout which was part of the storyline was like a train wreck impossible to stop, but also fascinating to watch Moreover it turned this novel into a timely and relevant story.Most of all I really enjoyed that the POVs weren t just limited to the two main characters Julia and Isobel, but also included the husbands, the principal, and the kids It was fascinating to hear their thoughts on what happened, and the way they tried to make sense of it all Even though there were many different POV s, they were easy to follow, and all added to the overall enjoyment of the story.Overall, the book was an easy and fast read There was never a boring minute, especially in the last half of the book, and for a debut novel it was EXCELLENT ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    MINOR DRAMAS OTHER CATASTROPHES had me hooked when I started the book This is a very timely book with a lot of relevance to what is happening in the world today The story revolves around a parent harassing a teacher I believe people will be enthralled by this book, which I highly recommend I actually believe this novel is of 4.5 stars

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