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Careful What You Wish For Emily Harlow Is A Professional Organizer Who Helps People Declutter Their Lives She S Married To Man Who Can T Drive Past A Yard Sale Without Stopping He S Filled Their Basement, Attic, And Garage With His FindsLike Other Professionals Who Make A Living Decluttering Peoples Lives, Emily Has Devised A Set Of Ironclad Rules When Working With Couples, She Makes Clear That The Client Is Only Allowed To Declutter His Or Her Own Stuff That Stipulation Has Kept Emily S Own Marriage Together These Past Few Years She D Love Nothing Better Than To Toss Out All Her Husband S Crap He Says He S A Collector Emily Knows Better He S A Hoarder The Larger His Collection Becomes, The Deeper The Distance Grows Between Emily And The Man She MarriedLuckily, Emily S Got Two New Clients To Distract Herself An Elderly Widow Whose Husband Left Behind A Storage Unit She Didn T Know Existed, And A Young Wife Whose Husband Won T Allow Her Stuff Into Their House Emily S Initial Meeting With The Young Wife Takes A Detour When, After Too Much Wine, The Women End Up Fantasizing About How Much Pleasant Life Would Be Without Their Collecting SpousesBut The Next Day Emily Finds Herself In A Mess That Might Be Too Big For Her To Clean Up Careful What You Wish For, The Old Adage Says Now Emily Might Lose Her Freedom, Her Marriage And Possibly Her Life

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    I will never drive by a flea market again without thinking of Hallie Ephron and her latest mystery Careful What You Wish For.Emily Harlow is a professional organizer married to Frank Harlow a professional hoarder of flea market finds as well as a lawyer They say opposites attract right So when Emily is called by an elderly woman to organize a storage unit she had no idea her late husband had even rented, and a young woman whose husband is an antique hoarder like Frank hires her to declutter belongings her husband will not allow her to bring into the house she thinks she s hit the jackpot But suddenly Emily finds herself embroiled in possibly aiding a thief, as well as unknowingly being involved in a murder which could possibly implicate her Who on earth would want to frame Emily and why Careful What You Wish for is the best type of mystery novel You think you have it all figured out and then another clue appears sending the reader in another direction Ephron certainly knows how to keep the reader guessing The book would be an enjoyable beach read or even just a read in your cozy chair.And just for the record, my husband will not be visiting flea markets any Thank you HallieEphron WmMorrowBooks CarefulWhatYouWishFor for the advanced copy The book will be out August 6.

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    Emily thought that opening a professional organizing business was supposed to be carefree and helpful to others.Emily s new adventure had been exciting and trouble free until she met Quinn Quinn was married to a man who wouldn t let her bring her things into his fabulous house and wanted Emily to help She and Emily had helped themselves to than looking at things to remove, though They had too much wine and said things that shouldn t have been said.When Quinn s husband turns up missing, Quinn feels she can call on her new friend, Emily, to help her when the police arrive This client was than Emily bargained for.And if this wasn t bad enough, another client whose husband had passed had a storage unit she didn t know about filled with stolen books, maps, and a dead body.Emily couldn t believe it Could these two clients have some connection It gets worse for Emily, and it seems as if a few of the characters are connected and involved in the disappearance and death of the body they found.CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR was actually a little on the comical side despite all the tension going on.If you are in the mood for a light, entertaining mystery you will enjoy CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR 5 5This book was given to me as an ARC by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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    I m a professional organizer, so this one was a FUN read I couldn t help but wonder how I d feel and act in Emily s crocs Thanks, Hallie, for such a fun whodunnit

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    Emily and Becca leave their careers, elementary school teacher and nursing respectively, to become professional organizers Emily is focused on the marketing aspect, while Becca does other stuff she is involved but we aren t quite clear on her role During this story she is distracted by family activities, leaving Emily to make quick decisions, that they would have decided jointly These hasty decisions made under pressure will lead to a morass of trouble and a surprising resolution.A strange client acquisition leads to a suspicious murder, which lead the police to believing that Emily is complicit Emily is blindsided by various other situations both in business and personal life She must figure out if and why the various events seem to conspire against her As her suspicions bring revelations, the murderer s end game takes a surprising turn and she is a threat to them without even realizing she is now a target I have been a fan of Ms Ephron s sister for years and her influence is seen on the pages of this delightful mystery Unfortunately, I wished for depth to the characters I didn t buy her marriage to her hoarding husband cum criminal corporate attorney Becca was a flat character, who is nearly non existent and unnecessary Emily s mom, Lila was integral but also flat and could have been central Emily seemed unhappy in life particularly in her marriage Infertility was mentioned fleetingly but never pursued in the story, a convenience to move the story forward I enjoyed the dialogue somewhat and it reminded me of Laura Levine or Jessie Crockett style stories I felt like I was reading a script This may be fitting to the television screen It was a quick, easy read Well suited for a summer beach read or a relaxing weekend escape I look forward to reading by Ms Ephron I want to thank William Morrow, Goodreads and Ms Ephron for proving me with a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

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    Once an elementary school teacher, thirty something Emily Harlow is now a professional declutterer She and her friend Becca have started a business which they call Freeze Frame Clutter Kickers.It is ironic that Emily makes a living purging people of their possessions because Emily s lawyer husband Frank is a collector and a pack rat whose hobby is verging on hoarding Although she loves Frank, she is getting and impatient with his constantly bringing home other people s junk Also, the fact that they have been trying for a baby and have not been successful has put added strain on their relationship.When Clutter Kickers gets two new clients, their business and their lives take a turn for the worse Their first new client, an elderly woman named Mrs Murphy, wants them to clear out a storage unit which her late husband had rented out When Emily enters the unit she finds that it is full of old books, maps and other memorabilia All of which was once quite valuable but due to the failure of the storage unit s climate control system is now moldy and quite possibly damaged beyond repair.Their second new client is a woman named Quinn Newell Quinn wants Emily to clear out her garage While scouting out the location, Quinn tells Emily she would love to get out from under her husband s domineering ways Over several glasses of Prosecco, the women over share and vent about their unsatisfactory marriages The next day, Quinn s husband is reported missing.To further Emily s involvement, Quinn s husband s body is found in the storage unit rented out by Mrs Murphy s husband How could Emily s two new clients have become enmeshed in such a way And, importantly, how will this affect Emily and her business MY THOUGHTSThe New England setting and the personable character of Emily added to this book s allure The elaborate con game which had Emily in its cross hairs was well executed and devious.I quite enjoyed this book It read almost like a cozy mystery but was laced with elements of a domestic thriller A light, entertaining novel, Careful what you wish for will be enjoyed by many readers I think the cover lends itself to a serious thriller, but if the cover had of been like a cozy I probably wouldn t have read it and that would have been a shame.

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    Careful What You Wish For centers around a professional organizer who manages to stumble into not just one but two crimes at once The craziest part of this whole book Her own husband is a hoarder I think I honestly need a bit of a break from domestic thrillers as this one was pretty predictable and lackluster for me I liked the idea of the professional organizer aspect but never really found myself hooked into the story line quite as much as I would like and like I previously mentioned, certain aspects were predictable and I felt the overlapping plot points were just too coincidental to the point that it was silly how many times can X happen before it s like alright already I will probably pick up Ephron again in the future, this was my first by her, but maybe during a time when I ve read a few less thrillers.Thank you to William Morrow for an advanced copy All opinions are my own.

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    I decided to read this book because I am a minimalist, and a thriller talking about decluttering sounded right up my alley I was pleasantly surprised by how well written this book was The first sentence made me crack up laughing and the rest of the book was a great ride This book did feel of a mystery to me, but it was pretty face paced and had really good characters This book is about a wife who became famous for her decluttering videos on social media, and has her own decluttering business The funny part is, her husband is a hoarder and fills their basement and garage with junk he brings home from yard sales The wife s motto is that you can declutter your own stuff, but not your spouse s items When chatting with a new client about how their husbands are hoarders, they wish a few bad things to happen, and ultimately it comes true.I think anyone that is clean and organized would be entertained by this book, I m certainly glad I read it I will definitely be reading by this author, because her writing style fit so well with my reading preferences.

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    3.5 stars

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    3.75 starsA predictable, yet overall enjoyable mystery about a professional organizer becoming the prime suspect in her client s husband s murder.This book might not contain any major twists, but the author knows how to craft her characters in a compelling manner while sparking curiosity into the reader concerning whether the protagonist will find out the truth and make it in the end The mystery picks up the pace at around 2 3 in, before which, the pieces of the puzzle are carefully structured in a way they come together reasonably in the end That is what mainly drew me in and why I m curious to see what this author comes up with next Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review

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    Do husbands spark joy I think we need to tack up a poll and put this to the test.Emily has taken charge of the minimalist movement and has a booming decluttering business alongside her best friend Becca All is going well until the two are hit with an odd job that entails on some of the hoarding stuff being well, STOLEN BUT WAIT it gets weirderEmily is called to another new client where the stunning Quinn Newell wants to get rid of all of her husband s junk and joke joke also her husband It s all Prosecco and light jokes until Quinn s husband actually does end up dead and Emily is the prime suspect.Oh no, we are SUBMERGED IN JOY Drowning actually amidst Prosecco and annoying rich housewives.This was a fun book It had me hooked from the very start and I read it in uh two sittings I m tired today, okay, so I took a nap but picked it back up and kept right on reading The writing at times felt disjointed and it is very easy to figure out whodunnit but it s an enjoyable read with a host of fun, electric characters Emily, known as Emmy to her friends and family, was awesome and her mom Lila, even so I feel as though this will become a cozy mystery sort of series and if so I really can t wait to read from Hallie Ephron Thanks very much to Netgalley and the publisher for an ARC All opinions are my own, I hope my existence sparks joy in you all.

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