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I Kissed Him There (Crashing Hearts, #2) On The Edge Of Adulthood, Two Boys Struggle To Define The Lines Between Sex And Friendship Damon Harris Is Young, Attractive And Rich He Should Be Content But Damon Never Is He Is Growing Increasingly Frustrated With His Girlfriend Zoe Who Is Limiting Their Sex Life To Cuddles And Sweetness He Craves , Wanting To Push Some Boundaries Meanwhile, His Cold And Emotionless Family Are Being Targeted By A Mystery Vandal Intent On Disrupting Their Pretentious Lives Piss Poor And Known As The Town Weirdo, Matt Andrews Is Far From Happy His Mum Has Vanished, Running Off With Her Lesbian Lover Not To Mention, Matt S Only Friend, The Flamboyant Jason, Has Dropped Out Of School, Leaving Matt An Utter Loner With His Mother Gone, Matt Is Forced To Get An Afterschool Cleaning Job, Working For The Wealthy Harris Family It Sucks, But Maybe It Will Give Him Access To Lexi Prebble Matt S School Crush And A Close Friend Of His Snooty Employer S Son Things Don T Start Well When Matt Is Caught In An Indecent Position By Damon And His Best Mate Todd The Two Boys Decide To Teach Matt A Vindictive Lesson When Mrs Harris Finds Out And Forces Her Son To Apologise, Matt Is Presented With An Opportunity To Become Friends With The Popular Damon But In A Town Riddled With Secrets, Friendship With Damon Comes At A Cost I KISSED HIM THERE Can Be Read As A Standalone Novel Or As Part Of The Crashing Hearts Series The Story Combines Elements Of Romance With Erotic Moments It Contains Coarse Language And Sex Scenes That Deal With Themes Of Reluctance And Objectification Characters Do Not Always Make The Wisest Decisions.

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    Even though some of the characters transitions and actions had me scratching my head at times, there s no denying that Menzy can lay down sizzling sex scenes with the best of them, which make this read worth the read.

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    I KISSED HIM THERE is just my kind of novel smart, sexy, and well written with an intriguing story and a cast of well developed characters It feels like what a John Hughes movie from the 1980s e.g., PRETTY IN PINK, SIXTEEN CANDLES, and THE BREAKFAST CLUB would look like if the characters were to question their sexuality and if that questioning were to stretch the boundaries of friendship and social hierarchy in a town of haves and have nots.I KISSED HIM THERE is set in the 1990s in a coastal New Zealand town called Port Jackson, but feels timeless and as if it could be set in any era Fatty Matty Andrews is a nice, well meaning kid who lives in a dumpy house in what the town locals refer to disparagingly as Poverty Peak He has a father who might be trying too hard to relate to Matt at his own level by allowing beer and porn in the house that just the two of them share But, dad can be forgiven, because the sadness in the house and in Matt s heart stems from the death of a beloved older brother, a mother who up and left the grieving household for a woman, and Matt s outsider status as a poor kid in a town where the rich ones predictably rule.Damon Harris is the sexy, unobtainable, rich kid who has everything good looks, hot bod, popularit...

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    Personally I liked this book better than the first one The dubious content isn t as rough and the emotions are very well thought out The author s characters are always very real and relatable This is also the case in t...

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    Wow I started this book thinking that Damon deserved everything Keegan dished out in the previous book Then, as we learned , I felt so sorry for him and recognized how he knew Keegan would regret his choices I worried that D...

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    Crashing Hearts book 2I Kissed Him There A gay coming of age novel This is a book about how cruel kids can be to each other and how karma can return the favour when you least expect it.And who your true friends are and new friends blossom,and dreams can com...

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    MM erotica.

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    I can t stop reading Zane s books and I cant stop thinking about them He s brilliant at writing kind arseholes that become just soft enough to slightly redeem themselves.I keep being amazed

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    Same story as book 1, just change the positions and motivations It should had been merged into the first book Would have been effective that way.

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