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Hatch and Dispatch From The Author Expecting A Baby I Didn T Plan On Spending My Career Looking Between Ladies Legs But For The Last 35 Years I Ve Hatched Over 3,000 Babies Mostly In The Hospitals, But Some On The Side Of The Road And In Carparks Hatch And Dispatch Is A Compilation Of The Advice I Give To Expecting Mums Almost Every Day, Whether It Be Their First Of Fifth Babies I Use The Stories From My Career To Show You That Every Woman Has The Same Concerns, The Same Questions, And Makes Essentially The Same Noise When Pushing A Baby Out Read About The Hallucinations Some Women Experience When Using Nitrous, What Happens To Tattoos And Piercings During Pregnancy Clue Dolphins Become Whales, Bambi Becomes A Moose , And About The Partner Who Wanted To Attend Ante Natal Classes Even Though His Baby Was Already Born Bless His Cotton Socks He Wanted To Leave His Wife And Baby At Home And Come To Class To Learn About Nappy Changing And Settling On The Job Training Was Not For Him I Am A Pragmatic Woman The Advice In This Book Is Sensible It Is Honest My Job Is Interesting And Fun So There Are Some Great Stories For You To Read I Don T Try To Scare Or Sway You, Just Show You That Pregnancy Is A Part Of Many Women S Lives And Need Not Be The Guilt Ridden Ride It Has Become You Will Read About Common Pregnancy Complaints The Inevitable Guilt Thanks To The Internet, Pregnancy Now Comes With 20% Extra Free Guilt Be Prepared Your Ante Natal Card, Injections, Allergies, Knowing Your And Your Partner S Limitations Classes And Birth Plans Labour And Pain Relief Support People Dos And Don Ts For Partners What The Midwives Will Teach You Once Baby Is Born A Preview Of History S Worst Pregnancy And Parenting AdviceI Hope You Enjoy The Book, Have A Laugh, Learn Something, And Relax About What Lies Ahead Even If Only A Little You Were Designed To Bake This Baby.EnjoyVicki

About the Author: Vicki Bryce

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hatch and Dispatch book, this is one of the most wanted Vicki Bryce author readers around the world.

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    This was a breath of fresh air after reading so many scary pregnancy books especially The Business of Baby It s reassuring to be told you can do this, and your body knows what to do The take home message I got from it was relax and go with the flow, continuous from pregnancy and through labour Everything was explained in laymen s terms, and I had the feeling I was reading advice from a second mom rather than a professional I ve never met.It was nice to read that it s best to avoid Dr Google and other scare tactic articles There were lots of tips like exactly what to say when you call the hospital, what info to keep track of and what s not important ex contraction times don t need to be recorded , what questions to ask the midwife nurse, when to book it to the hospital, etc.As a healthcare professional, I enjoyed reading a book that wasn t written by a doctor They can be great, but docs aren t usually present unless there s an emergency or it s go time That leaves a huge chunk of hang time that gets filled with other hospital staff I really enjoyed reading about the author s personal experiences and stories from previous patients All names changed to protect the innocent of course There were lots of sections just for the partner of mom to be that were great, including how to deal with the stress of seeing a loved one in so much pain.This is one of the top books I d recommend for expecting parents The o...

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    This book is very real and funny The author explains issues as they are and is most certainly matter of fact Which for me is good trait to have I found this book great for easing any worries for soon to be mothers and student or new midwives I would most certainly recommend if you re looking to find answers to all of those new mother worries and old wives tales I think there is so much on the market for mothers to be, that the information can become confusing This book clears everyth...

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