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Getting Micah Under the Mistletoe Quinn S Been In Love With Her Friend, Micah, For Two Years Straight.But Between Micah S Dense Skull And His Even Denser Girlfriend, Quinn Hasn T Stood A Chance.But Things Are About To Change With Ms Denser Out Of The Picture And Christmas Around The Bend, Quinn Has A Plan That Could Switch Their Status From Bumping Fists To Locking Lips.

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    12 17 Still a fun, YA romance, full of the angst and insecurities that riddle teens The emotions are accurately captured and the hopes are high A fun, holiday romance, for sure Some of my fondest Christmas memories come from when I was in high school, but there s no way I d go back again This story almost sent me right back and it made me feel awkward, anxious, and self conscious, but it was so much fun Raise your hand if you had a crush on a friend back in the day Quinn has been half in love with her friend, Micah, since he moved in When his girlfriend dumps him, she wonders if she has a chance, but events leave her confused, plans go awry, and her emotions are a mess The feelings expressed are real, people I felt my hopes rise, only to have them dashed I found my curiosity bursting, only to have it left unresolv...

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    A cute Christmas novella of unrequited love and a somewhat hysterical teen angsting her way into her best guy friend s heart I liked the main characters well enough but it is the supporting cast of a frank BFF, adorable younger brother, and hard working mother who rounded the story out well.

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    3.5 rounding upThis is another book I picked up on kindle unlimited I love Kimberly Krey and reading her books are really a no brainer for me.This book is for a younger audience even young teens It s a sweet high school crush romance It is clean only a few kisses and it will remind you of your high ...

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    Definitely geared towards a teen reader, but cute nonetheless.

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    Cute3.5I ve been meaning to read this one for awhile, I m a big fan of Ms Kray s books and always enjoy her stories This was a cute YA contemporary romance about two friends who maybe want to be It had a fun plot, likable characters and was a fun book Recommend to anyone who enjoys teen l...

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    Quinn s life has not been easy lately, but Micah makes it just a little bit better Well, maybe a lot better As the Christmas season approaches, Quinn wants than anything to tell Micah how she feels, especially now that he s free to date again But is Micah really into her or is he still pining for is ex Kimberly Krey always delivers with characters you connect with from the start I loved Quinn s resilient spirit and determination to make Micah her own Micah is a guy who is genuinely thoughtful and caring When he shows up to spend time with Quinn s little brother shoveling snow, my heart just melted This is the guy you hope your little girl will fall for Life is not easy, and Quinn has experienced her share of ups and downs Kimberly gives an honest but uplifting view of the struggles of a girl trying to make sense of a broken family and doing her best with the cards she s been dealt Ge...

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    A super cute Christmas novella that took me straight back to high school My 18 year old self would have totally related to Quinn and I was instantly reminded of all the high school first love type feelings All t...

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    Cute Cute cute Micha.ahh he s perfect of course

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    I always love a cute cheesy romance and this did not disappoint.

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    In this story, Quinn wants than friendship with Micah He s been dating Pam for several months and when they finally break up, Quinn hopes that he will finally see her as than a friend But things keep going wrong and every opportunity that comes her way to finally tell him how she feels, or to get him to notice her, fails miserably Micah is sending mixed messages, Quinn is dreaming literally of kissing him, and her best friend Polly keeps insisting Micah only sees Quinn as a friend What does Micah really feel Is he still pining for his ex girlfriend Will he finally see Quinn as than just a friend Will she ever get the courage to tell him how she really feels We ve been friends for the better part of two years Even if he wants nothing , I don t want to lose him altogether So why am I pushing him away What I just expect Micah to fall in love with me because I m ...

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