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War Poppy (War, #1) Poppy Love And War Two Words That Should Have Little Association, But To Me The Two Go Hand In Hand Both Are A Tragedy They Rip You Open And Spit You Out The War Killed My Husband, Connor, Shattered My Will To Live, And Took My Best Friend Brandon May Not Have Physically Died In That War, But His Soul Did And Now We Re Left To Pick Up The Wreckage Expected To Move On When All That Is Left Is The Ruins Of A Life We Once Had Brandon War It Took Everything From Me, Even Myself When You Re Only Able To Exist, Death Seems Like A Blessing Paina Welcome Distraction I Ran From Everything Associated With My Past, And Then She Found Me, Fighting, Drowning Myself In Whisky, Trying To Forget She Reminds Me Of Connor, Of What I Ve Lost What We Ve Lost In The Midst Of Destruction, She S A Salvation I Don T Deserve I Shouldn T Love Him I Shouldn T Love Her Love Is A War We Never Should Have Fought.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 285 pages
  • War Poppy (War, #1)
  • Nicole Lynne
  • English
  • 11 November 2017

About the Author: Nicole Lynne

Nicole Lynne is the collaborative pen name for Stevie J Cole L.P Lovell.

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    4.25 starsPublic Service Announcement Your heart may be aggressively removed from your chest upon completion of this novel I buddy read this book with my lovely blog sister, Sonya She told me to tell you guys that she will be going on a long trip So, if you don t hear from her for a while, do not be alarmed Sign up for War Poppy she said We can buddy read It will be fun she said Fast forward to 12 50 a.m this morning when I got an email from her that started like this OMFG SOBS I m fucking crying right now Why the fuck did I read this book..and ended like this Jess, you re so fucked So, I did what any good blog sister friend would do I cursed her out in response and grabbed my book to finish reading it War Poppy is a story that will stay with you long after you read it, not only because it is fantastically written, but because it s a story that makes you think about the reality behind the fiction War is something that is a constant in this world Lucky for people like me, it s something I read about in history books and newspapers or watch on the news, but don t actually have to experience myself I get to sit in my house, and bitch about the price of gas or cable television while the members of our military go sit in the desert somewhere not know...

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    3.5 STARS This book deals with the very dark and heartbreaking sides of PTSD The story doesn t end in a cliffhanger and most will deem by definition a romance story shouldn t end So you have been warned I was left miserable once I finished.I liked the writing and the delivery and quite honestly who doesn t love an underground fighter hero The heroine and her deceased husband and the hero all grew up together Through scattered flashbacks we find that Poppy has always harbored feelings for Brandon all along Poppy s feelings for Connor at times felt unauthentic and almost as if she married her second choice To me, Connor and his memory got the shaft and he was referred to as fat one too many times for my tastes by his best friend Poppy finds Brandon who has went AWOL from the military and has been releasing his anger for money in the ring it s their shared grief that should bind them However to me, it s their attraction and childhood friendship that Brandon pushed aside that keeps them together Two people who shouldn t belong together, through death, now could not belong to anyone else Poppy and Brandon s friendship evolved into and though his PTSD plays a role in their relationship, you will find yourself rooting for them to make it as a couple ...

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    4 HEARTBREAKING STARS You bring me peace when all I know is war You know that feeling you get when you know you re about to be ruined That gut instinct that kicks in your fight or flight instinct You know the one that you should NEVER ignore because if you do, your ass is grass Yea I ignored the crap out of that feeling And what did it get me Me sobbing at 1 45am in the morning and messaging my blog partner that she s royally fucked with this book I might have laughed at her because let s be real, I m an evil bitch and you know what they say about misery We love company So now here I am, trying to limit the amount of cuss words in this review so I can be all professional and shit, but here s the thing I m NOT a professional All I want to do right now is cuss like a sailor and drink like it s the new year because what I just witnessed Needs a personal day off with some damn chocolate Chocolate makes everything better and whoever tells you differently, has obviously never had the good stuff and you don t need that kind of negatively in your life Poppy, Brandon, and Conner were the three musketeers growing up They did everything together and with a bond like theirs, n...

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    NOW LIVE US UK Brandon O Kieffe was my first crush, my first kiss, and the first boy to ever break my heart This book Gah, I seriously don t have enough words in my vocabulary to even describe how much this book killed my soul L.P Lovell and Stevie J Cole are evil authors for doing this to me, but I will never get enough of their writing War Poppy is the story of what happens when your whole life shatters around you and you re left standing in the ruin Brandon lost his best friend, Connor, in war and he also lost pieces of himself So he leaves, goes AWOL and tries to exist in a world he doesn t understand any Until Poppy, his other best friend and Connor s widow hunts him down and tries to bring him back to her So, here we are, looking after each other These characters were so seductively broken I just couldn t stop reading, and their story will have you gripping the sides of your Kindle in anticipation of whats going to happen between them Brandon and Poppy had their worlds destroyed by war and heartbreak, and seeing that had me bawling my eyes out than once These authors created the characters so wonderfully that you can t help but feel every single thing they do and it just about killed me I don t want to say much about the story because this is definitely a book you should go into mostly blind But just know that you will not come out of this okay, you will be heartbroken...

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    Blog Tour Giveaway My heart is freaking BROKEN How the heck am I supposed to move on after this I fell in love with Brandon and Poppy Absolutely in love with their story I felt everything with them The lost opportunity The second chance Their loss, their grief, their love And I was so freaking happy that they had each other I was brutalized by the horror show that was Brandon s mind I cannot even fathom what it is like to live with PTSD after a war tour I can t wrap my brain around it but I can definitely empathize with those who suffer from it Even though I eventually saw where this story was heading, I put my head firmly in the sand and continued to read in denial You see, I still had hope Sadly, my hope was obliterated I guess that s what makes this book so real So good War is no joke There is nothing funny about the men and...

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    4.5 sometimes love ain t enough stars Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there I do not sleep I am the thousand winds that blow It started with a tragedy, with a loss of Connor Blaine s life in combat And it changed lives of two people left behind His best friend and war buddy Brandon O Kieffe and his wife, now widow Poppy Turner They were a trio, best childhood friends who shared than the sense of friendship, they shared the sense of gravity, the completion and unity We were happy once, and now look at us We re nothing than empty shells You remind me of everything I ve lost, and it fucking breaks me all over again. Brandon never came back, physically nor emotionally and Poppy left everything behind her to find him, to try and reach for that one piece of completion and sense she once had Connor was, no doubt, part of my soul, but Brandon, he s part of my heart. She finds Brandon, shattered and broken beyond recognition, fighting under the name Brandon The Breaker Blaine And he can t give her anything cause he s empty beyond repair And Poppy wants to help him cause she needs to help herself heal, she lingers onto his broken soul cause she s the missing piece of the broken, shattred mozaic they existed in I m not running Just turning my back on the things I don t want to acknowledge Some call it cowardice, and inability to cope I call it survival instinct. Brandon a...

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    Anything with the words like War and Poppy together you know is setting us up for an emotional read The Prologue got me teary eyed, then I hit chapter one and I m sucking in big breaths willing myself not to cry I do not cry ever Imagine what I m going to be like if this is me now and I ve not even reached the end of the book gulps before you can pull your emotions under control they are on overload, it hits you right in the heart and makes all those feels one jumbled mess that can t be unraveled A dead man s last wish to a woman he s loved for ten years I ask nothing of you except this don t die with me Live Be happy Love again because you deserve to experience as much love as this life has to give I only wish I could have been the one to give it to you From chapter one onwards you re lulled into a false sense of security, their relationship is toxic at it s worst, bittersweet when it s good, but I thought things would come full circle, two best friends finally reconnecting a second chance romance how wrong was I in thinking that I can pretty much say that these two au...

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    Genre General Fiction RomanceType Standalone Book 1 of War seriesPOV First Person DualRating Brandon O Kieffe was a soldier who lost his life the moment he lost his best friend Connor in war As the sole survivor, guilt weighted him down on a daily basis that he struggled to keep his promise to take care of Connor s wife.Poppy Blaine not only lost her husband but also her best friend Growing up together, the three of them were inseparable When one was gone, both left behind had only each other to lean on to.I wasn t planning to read this book until I keep seeing about how sad it is So of course I can t resist diving in and I m glad I took the plunge She makes me hope, and hope is dangerous to a guy like me because when it s gone, it seems like there s nothing left. Brandon had hard time coping with the aftermath The only way he knew how to forget was by self destruction I hurt for him seeing how he struggled to stay afloat You can t carry me, Poppy I can t look at you, I whisper I look at you, and all I see is him Poppy was the sunshine and the glue that held their friendship ...

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    I can t deal with a main character dying

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    4 Stars Two lost souls trying to save each other from unsalvageable events She may be my hope, but I m surely her destruction War Poppy is a beautiful love story between a grieving widow and a broken soldier It deals with difficult topics and complex issues It s not a feel good romance, but it will touch your heart nonetheless It all started with Connor s death Brandon feels guilty for being the one to survive He feels empty and worthless, and he s also suffering from severe PTSD The only thing he wants to do is forget So every night he fights at an illegal ring and gets drunk on whiskey Poppy is not only grieving for her husband, but she s also grieving for her best friend She wants to understand him and help him during the tough times Even though she married Conner, Brandon was her first love her first everything, and she ll always be there fo...

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