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Murgatroyd Buttercups Take A Fantastical Journey To The Grocery Store In This Intriguing Picture Book Murgatroyd Buttercups Is A Unique Girl With A Unique Way Of Doing Things Follow Her On Grocery Day, As She Sling Shots Her Way Into Simple Town, Where Things Aren T Quite The Way You Might Expect Them To Be Children And Adults Of All Ages Will Enjoy This Book Reading Level Is About Third Grade, But With All The Pictures, It Would Be A Good One To Read Out Loud To Younger Children The Book Is 86 Pages Long, But Still Small Enough To Fit In A Large Sock.

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    A strange little person s day on her trip to the and through the grocery store A really quick read with absolutely fantastic page borders and illustrations a really plain good old fun book to read

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    This is a lively, fantastical story It is creative and a quick read for good readers The illustrations are well done and heighten the story line.

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    I won this book in a goodreads drawing.An absurd children s book about a surreal visit to the grocery store The illustrations are strange, too.Kids might like it.

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    A great read for the younger ones Yosha Bourgea is certainly a unique character, His students are fortunate to have such an inventive leader in their class I have such an appreciation for illustrated stories, Shoshanah Marohn added so much flair to a cute story

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    I loved this story and the non conformity Great illustrations as well.

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    I love how this character stood out from the crowd She is different and unique she likes being herself and not being or wanting to act like others She loves being different and does not care what people have to say or think She is being herself and she will not change for...

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    the quickest read ever i liked this, overall it was a decent read, i just think i m too old to really appreciate this book i feel like when i was little i would definitely enjoy it, but right now, eh the illustrations and the story itself was very quirky and different.

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