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Confessions of an Eco-Shopper: The True Story of One Woman's Mission to Go Green Locally Produced Pesticides Or Far Flung Organic Cheap Whole Chicken Or Two Organic Drumsticks The Kitchen Roll That Soaks Up Spills Or The Recycled Stuff That Dissolves What Can One Really Do To Make A Difference Does It Involve Huge Sacrifices Is It A Lot Of Extra Work Is It Expensive Two Years Ago Kate Lock Set Herself A Series Of Eco Challenges To Find Out The Answers To These Questions This Book Charts The Story Of How She And Her Family Adjusted Grittily Realistic About The Ups And Downs Of Living In A Eco Friendly Style, And Never Predictable Does Organic Food Always Taste Better , She Nevertheless Manages To Combine The Practical With The Inspirational And After Reading This Book, You Won T Shop In Quite The Same Way Again Packed Full Of Great Tips, This Book Takes The Reader Through A Set Of Personal Green Challenges And Explains How To Make A Difference While Staying Sane.

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    Enjoyable and informative read about the day to day challenges of trying to soften our impact on Mother Earth.

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    I mostly skimmed this book because it s based in England why I didn t realize this when I borrowed it from the library is beyond me and most of the websites companies mentioned are, naturally, geared towards British folks That said, despite being a British book, it s filled with lots of good information on going green I d say it s going green for beginners, which is sort of what I am Kate Lock comes across as very likeable, too Unlike several books about going green or eating clean, Lock comes across like your average, middle class woman Sometimes it seems like many authors of these green clean eating books are all members of the upper class most of them residing in fancy schmancy expensive places in California Gorgeously Green Skinny Bitch, I m looking at you who have tons of money to spend on organic food, organic clothing, maids to clean their households with organic products, etc While all this is nice, I certainly can t afford all that stuff It was refreshing to read about a seemingly middle class woman who tries to be green and stay within her budget I d love to read books about broke folks trying to be green, too

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    As it s been Organic September , I wanted to pick up a book to inspire me, and spotted this one at the library Confessions of an Eco Shopper stays true to its title as the author embarks on a journey to try and become green in her day to day life She sets herself a series of eco challenges which force her to explore a whole host of alternatives, some of which are well known and seen as common sense these days such as recycling, to adventurous stuff such as making your own beauty skincare products.I particularly liked how she plotted the chapters as aisles in a supermarket, to encourage the reader to think about the many small changes they can make to become environmentally friendly Although much of the book was information that I already knew about, I d be than happy to recommend this to beginners newbies to topics such as the benefits of organic produce and minimising your carbon footprint etc, as it s very engaging and easy to read.

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    I was really impressed with this book Kate Lock went beyond the usually suspects and investigated stuff I have particular interest in including modern cloth nappies, breastfeeding and reusable sanitary products While I felt validated on many of my own choices and was pleased I seem to tick most of the boxes, I also picked up some new strategies products issues to look at In fact, yesterday I was able to buy a face cream based on her recommendation, instead of the one I already use The book is very UK oriented with focus on their brands and retailers, but it is broad enough to overlook that From an Australian perspective, it is interesting that water saving didn t come into it, when it has been such a focus for us.

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    Very readable book Kate Lock set herself various ecochallenges and found out information on topics, such as the ingredients that go into some kinds of cosmetics, how easy it is to compost and how to deal with excessive packaging It s done in a conversational style and she doesn t take herself too seriously, while giving the reader the background information Enjoyable and inspiring.

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    Really good read, with some great ideas to help you go green

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