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The Rogue's Kiss KIDNAPPED AND KISSED BY A HIGHWAYMAN Under Cover Of Darkness, A Highwayman Silently Waits In An Approaching Carriage Travels A Beautiful Woman Entirely Alone.Lady Roisin Melville Is Escaping London And The Fortune Hunting Gentlemen Of The Ton, Only To Be Held Up By A Masked Figure He Demands Her Money Or Her Life She Will Sacrifice Neither But Something About His Broad Shoulders And Soft Scottish Burr Keeps Her From Immediately Firing Her Pistol.With Her Gun Trained On This Daring Rogue, Can Roisin Persuade Him To Take Nothing Than A Kiss

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    My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book for , visit Punya ReviewsI have been meaning to read Emily Bascom s The Rogue s Kiss, book 1 of the Westhavens series, for quite a while now And now that I ve read it, have to say I m quite disappointed If it wasn t the writing style, it was the lead characters that drove me bonkers I never quite connected with Christopher or Kit and Roisin, neither did I feel their attraction to one another.The setting is in the early 1740s Roisin, who recently lost her Earl of a father, is in London for a season that basically her mother wants much than her Roisin is not really Irish, though they ve made a home there Ireland is her home than England She loved spending time gallivanting around their big estate with her older brothers And this, her mother can t stand She wants her daughter to have a season, grab a husband and become a true lady, once and for all But Roisin well, she s headstrong and right now, sitting in this shabby old inn, she feels bored and miserable, while her ancient chaperone doses in the other room So she makes a plan to escape and return to Ireland Silly I d say, but that s h...

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    Emily Bascom s debut for Mills Boon Historical is an engaging 18th century adventure with plenty of adventure and romance to recommend it to readers The story is set in 1741, and begins with the Irish heroine attempting to flee London and return to her homeland Unfortunately, a robber gets in the way, and she must use her wits to save her life The scenes I describe take up only two chapters of the novel and the plot quickly changes, with the introduction of some clear cut supporting characters and a hero whose secret is crucial than those held by other romantic heroes In fact, it s nearly as devastating as Mr Rochester s secret in Jane Eyre Emily Bascom builds suspense as the story progresses and the inevitable black moment is well handled and full of emotion.Roisin is an intelligent and likeable heroine and the multi faceted nature of Kit s character makes him an intriguing hero The supporting characters are very written, especially the reliable manservant, John, and the scheming maid, Annette The romantic scenes are inserted well into the flow of the narrative without ever feeling forced this is a story where the protagonists hold back from their emotions so that the eventual outpouring of passion is all the effective for being infrequent.The history of the novel is well r...

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