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An Understanding Download An Understanding Author Holly Heisey Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Barenin Lyr Hasn T Been Human For Millennia He Roams The Galaxy Atoning For The Sins Of His Synthetic Race The Fracturing Of Time Itself But Time And Space Won T Let Him Go, And An Echo Of Another S Pain Reaches Out To Him Across The Lightyears On A Planet He Once Knew, Governments Trade Children Across Walls Of Time For Information Barenin Lyr Was Human, Once Can He Be Human Enough Again To Save The Children Of A Broken World

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    This very short tale reads something like Semly s Jewels except from the point of view of the person doing the removing, the one responsible for a person being dislocated and aged by comparison with peers I hadn t read anything set in this series...

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    Book ReviewTitle An UnderstandingAuthor Holly HeiseyGenre Sci FiRating Review The opening to this short story was great we meet Barein who is trying to close a wound in time by finding the person the wound relates to He finds Lorin whose daughter was stolen from her and taken through time to another place where only Barein can retrieve her After going through the time wall he finds the daughter only she is an old woman as time passes different once you pass through the walls we also learn that there are two main races Aezthena and human and only the Aezthena can cross through the time walls This was a great little sci fi story and sets up the larger story perfectly I really enjoyed the small elements of this story espesically Barein s perspective and his emotional state at wanting to feel and be human once In the second story The Artist Fades Away we are introduced to Michael whose wife has died in a way and he paints to remember her and perserve her soul But over time she begins to vanish from his painting and all traces of her begin to fade until one morning he wakes up and remembers nothing of her or what she meant to him We as the reader feel Michael s desperation clinging to even the smallest hope and when she does begin to fade we feel so sorry for him and just are optimisitic because he won t remember her or the pain he suffered at losing her Overa...

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    there was 2 stories from Instafreebie, and the first was great, the second was a little lost to me 3 stars isn t bad.

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    This book contains two short stories, which need explanation thus they leave the reader slightly confused.

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