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멈추면 비로소 보이는 것들 EPUB Haemin Sunim Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Is It The World That S Busy, Or My Mind The World Moves Fast, But That Doesn T Mean We Have To In This Timely Guide To Mindfulness, Haemin Sunim, A Buddhist Monk Born In Korea And Educated In The United States, Offers Advice On Everything From Handling Setbacks To Dealing With Rest And Relationships, In A Beautiful Book Combining His Teachings With Calming Full Colour Illustrations Haemin Sunim S Simple Messages Which He First Wrote When He Responded To Requests For Advice On Social Media Speak Directly To The Anxieties That Have Become Part Of Modern Life And Remind Us Of The Strength And Joy That Come From Slowing Down.Hugely Popular In Korea, Haemin Sunim Is A Zen Meditation Teacher Whose Teachings Transcend Religions And Borders And Resonate With People Of All Ages With Insight And Compassion Drawn From A Life Full Of Change, The Mega Monk Succeeds At Encouraging All Of Us To Notice That When You Slow Down, The World Slows Down With You.

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    I loved this book To summarise my thoughts this book is what you reach for when you re feeling low it s a hug in book format I recommend you don t read from cover to cover in one sitting read when you need a little inspiration or pick me up It s such a sweet and si...

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    Ba sao r i l h p l S ch c anh Ho i t ng L n tr c g p nh c c p t i 1 quy n best seller b n H n, chung v i quy n best seller b n Vi t, r i b o n u c th c th , v m nh c ng h ng th Nh ng l c t m trong k s ch th h t s ch V i th ng sau m nh h n g p b n bi n t p, nh th y, li n em s ch ra t ng, trong khi m nh qu n m t ti u Kh ng ng m t chuy n nh v y m nh c n nh Th t c m ng.S ch nh nh ng t nh c m, v i nh ng c u chi m nghi m v nhi u l nh v c i o n c h i o i x u v ch c nh ng c u ng n r i r c kh ng c c u chuy n li n k t, d quan ni m th h p l nh ng gi ng nh c h t tr ch d n n y t i tr ch d n kh c ho i c ng m ch n C c t t ng trong s ch c ng kh ng c g qu t ph ng i kh c ph i wow, nh ng ng n g n d c, ph h p cho c gi ph th ng, ng i b n r n l u l u ra c v i trang t nh c m nh v ng i ang c n i ch m l i.Anyway, i v i m nh th s ch c gi tr tham kh o t t M nh th ch nh ng sau y Ch ng ta kh ng ch t v gi b o m ch t v nh ng th c n gi cu n theo, ch ng ta kh kh ng ph i v s vi c x y ra m v suy ngh ph c t p c a ta v s vi c y C hai c u h i bi t m t ng i c h nh ph c kh ng Th nh t, vi c b n ang l m l c n y c em l i ngh a g cho b n kh ng Th hai, m i quan h c a b n v nh ng ng i xung quanh c t t kh ng i u c n b n th nh t gi m i quan h gi a ng i v i ng i, l ph i bi t c ch i u ti t ng x nh c ch...

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    Heart warming, soothing, simple, yet full of wisdom Started reading it at a difficult time and this book helped me find myself back again I wouldn t say it is filled with extraordinary enlightenment, but that is the best part about it There are some simple yet powerful truth which we all know deep down inside, but it is so easy to loose our connect...

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    I listened to the audiobook of The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down Guidance on the Path to Mindfulness from a Spiritual Leader after seeing a few positive reviews for it It s a short audiobook approximately 3 hours and while worth a listen, once, it didn t offer any groundbreaking or novel new ideas At best, it s a reminder to be present in the moment For example Be aware of your emotions as you experience them They are passing through Witness the emergence of a thought Witness the disappearance of a thought.You can t have the good without at least sometimes experiencing the bad The audiobook was easy to listen to though at parts it seemed disjointed, transitioning to several semi related topics in a short span of time, with extended pauses in between Not sure what the actual book looks like and how the format of spacing and breaks are shown, but maybe that s how this was accounted for in the aud...

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    Ein sch nes Buch, auch wenn die Illustrationen nicht so meins waren die Texte waren es daf r umso mehr Ich konnte einiges f r mich mitnehmen, sehr inspirierend

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    Nothing new here but I somehow felt lighter as I kept reading Don t dwell on negative thoughts.Forgive others.Remember to treat yourself with compassion Perspective can change any stressful situation.Choose happiness, not success.Always take time to listen.See of my reviews Blog Instagram

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    Wauw.Dit boek is een terechte bestseller, maar alsnog zijn er nog niet genoeg verkocht iedereen zou dit boek moeten hebben.De boeddhistische monnik Sunim is superactief op sociale media om zo veel mogelijk mensen te bereiken met zijn inzichten, daar is het een ideaal medium voor Mensen zoeken advies bij hem Vanwege het enorme succes ervan, zijn de beste adviezen nu gebundeld in dit boek, zodat er nog meer mensen kennis mee kunnen maken.De adviezen overdenkingen zijn gebundeld per onderwerp, zoals gemoedsrust en relaties bijvoorbeeld Een mooi overdenking aan het begin, en dan allerlei korte stukjes met adviezen en overwegingen.Dit boekje zit zo enorm bomvol met levenslessen, ongelooflijk Het ene spreekt wat meer aan dan het ander, maar iemand anders heeft daar misschien weer meer aan Dit is echt zo een uniek pareltje om in huis te hebben Dit is namelijk niet een boek dat je maar 1x leest Als je het gelezen hebt, weet je wat voor goede en mooie lessen er in staan, maar dat betekent niet dat je alles meteen kunt implementeren en toe kunt passen.Dit boek met regelmaat opnieuw openslaan om iets verder te laten bezinken of om het nog een keer te lezen om het beter te kunnen implementeren is echt een geschenk aan jezelf of aan iemand anders Dit boekje moet je hebben, niet le...

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    A philosophy of promoting peace and tranquility into our lives regardless of religious beliefs The author is a Buddist Monk from Korea and yet he is comfortable quoting favorite passages from the Bible or making references to Kalil Gibran Enlightening and Inspirational.

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    Oef, dit boek begon heel goed Het las lekker vlot en het sprak me aan Maar hoe verder ik kwam in het boek, hoe zweveriger het werd naar mijn idee En ik hou dus echt niet van zweverigheid Door het hele boek heel staan quotes en of korte levenslessen Eerst vond ik dat wel fijn, maar hoe verder ik kwam i...

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    It s a nice book, with some interesting insights into mindfulness, but I thought it was slightly repetitive In the beginning the author, Haemin Sunim, says that it s best read slowly to get the most out of it, but I rea...

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