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Down the Dog Hole KINDLE Down The Dog Hole Author Thomas Kielty Blomain A Dog Hole Is A Small, Private Mine Shaft Of Questionable Legality That Individuals Would Dig To Pilfer Coal During The Depression Come Join Northeast Pennsylvania Poets Thomas Kielty Blomain, Amanda J Bradley, Craig Czury, Erin Delaney, Nancy Dymond, David Elliott, Brian Fanelli, Jane Julius Honchell, Susan Luckstone Jaffer, Dawn Leas, And Laurel Radzieski As They Celebrate The Northeastern Pennsylvania Region And Illustrate The Many Facets Of Its Environment, History, And Culture These Poems Address Everything From The John Mitchell Led Labor Strikes And Negotiations With President Teddy Roosevelt In Scranton, To The Devastation Caused By Hurricane Agnes And Hurricane Irene, To The Small Town Conversations Happening Every Morning At The Bluebird Diner Most Of All, This Book Showcases How Alive This Literary Community Is And How The Rich And Storied History Of This Region Is Continually An Inspiration To All.

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