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Lettres à maman par-delà l'enfer On December 1, 2007, During The Arrest Of Several Guerillas In Bogot , The Colombian Police Confiscated A Short Video Clip Of Political Hostage Ingrid Betancourt Accompanying The Video Was A Twelve Page Letter, Dated October 24, 2007, Written By Betancourt To Her Mother And Family Kidnapped On February 23, 2002, Betancourt Has Become An International Symbol In The Struggle For Liberty And The Fight Against Barbarity Before Being Captured By The Revolutionary Armed Forces Of Colombia FARC , She Was A Voice Of Hope For The Colombian People, Leading A Courageous Fight Against Political Corruption, Violence, And Illegal Detentions Presented In This Small, Poignant Book Is Betancourt S Letter To Her Mother Printed In English, French, And Spanish From The Depths Of The Colombian Jungle, Betancourt S Words Are An Impassioned Declaration Of Love To Those Dearest To Her In Addition To This Letter Is A Response To Betancourt Written By Her Children, Who Since They Were Teenagers Have Rallied Public Support For Their Mother S Release With A Preface By Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel, Letters To My Mother Conveys A Powerful Message Of Love For Family And Country, And A Heartrending Plea For Freedom.

  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • Lettres à maman par-delà l'enfer
  • Ingrid Betancourt
  • English
  • 08 July 2019
  • 9780810971271

About the Author: Ingrid Betancourt

Former Colombian politician, mostly known for being kidnapped by the FARC.Was voted in the Colombian congress in 1998 and was kidnapped by the FARC in 2002 during her presidential campaign until she was freed in 2008.

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    Se puede leer esto en una hora Realmente vale la pena ademas, saber que ha pasado en las vidas de Ingrid Betancourt y sus familiares es, en su manera, una oportunidad de convertirse en una version mas paciente, reflexiva, frustrada, sencilla, rabiosa, y sabia de si mismo Pero no se trata de nosotros, los lectores, sino de nosotros, los activistas Lean este libro para formar parte del mundo real y cruel y para cambiarlo en cualquier manera posibleThis book can be read in one hour It is truly worth it i...

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    This book essay was written before Ingrid Bentancour was released It s quite political but also very moving when you consider she wrote it to her kids at a time she did not think she would survive.

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    Written to her children while she was held captive by drug lords of South America.

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    Un testimonio triste e injusto solo manchado por el mal envejecimiento de las ideolog as pol ticas.

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    This is Ms Betancourt THIRD book about her kidnapping actually third book in English she has other in other languages When she wrote this she must have wrote this thinking Let s milk this for everything I can or maybe if people think about my mother and children they will hate me less Before going to Colombia South America I went though and checked out and read every book I could about the country from my library This was one of the books While Mrs Betancount went through a harrowing time she was captured and held by Colombia guerrilla s she both deserved it she was advised not to go into the area and told the area was so dangerous the government would not guard her and her behavior both before, during and after the event was extremely selfish Because of her arrogance and feelings of self importance she repetitively put the lives of others in danger The way she treated her fellow captives is horrific In one instance she actually said things that could have lead to several other captives being killed so she didn t have to share a room When I got to Colombia I finally got the courage to ask people about her since Betancourt told me in her book how important she was to Colombia and how much she was loved I was reluctant to say anything since my own opinion was so strong and found the in g...

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    Una sola palabra curiosidad Este libro me causo curiosidad y como era extremadamente corto lo adquiri y lei.Yo vivia en Colombia durante parte del cautiverio de Betancourt y por ende me resultaba interesante la historia.Lo mas corr...

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