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Infection (Sympatico Syndrome #1) A Pandemic Survival Novel The World Has Never Seen A Virus Like This Not Only Is It Deadly, But It Changes Victims Behavior In Order To Spread The Disease Before They Die When Cole Evans First Heard About The Flu Outbreak At A Military Base On A Remote Island, He Felt A Little Uneasy He Had Worked At That Base As An Epidemiologist While Serving In The Navy And Knew The Kind Of Diseases They Studied There.If This Was The Disease He Thought It Was, The Entire World Could Be Facing A Global Pandemic Like Nothing It Had Seen Before Cole Must Find A Way To Protect His Family From A Disease That Could Wipe Mankind From The Face Of The Earth

  • Kindle Edition
  • 276 pages
  • Infection (Sympatico Syndrome #1)
  • M.P. McDonald
  • English
  • 23 July 2017

About the Author: M.P. McDonald

M.P McDonald makes a living from taking your breath away then giving it back via a tube or two She lives in a frozen land full of ice, snow, and abominable snowmen On the days that she s not taking her car ice skating, she sits huddled over a chilly computer, tapping out the story of a camera that can see the future She hopes it can see summer approaching, too.Like M.P McDonald s Facebook

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    A very good post apocalyptic book following three sets of characters who are in different locations in the USA as the outbreak begins We follow them as they try to get to a safe haven on an island near Green Bay, Wisconsin on the Great Lakes The characters are normal people, mostly likeable, not superheroes, and the plot hangs together extremely well.The disease itself is interesting a virus which causes euphoria and extreme socialisation dancing, drinking and partying basically causing behaviour which spreads the disease very rapidly before victims succumb to a quick death There is not much gore or violence in the book, but it is certainly not a cosy catastrophe because there are harrowing moments and some central characters die This being set in America, almost everyone has a gun, or soon obtains one I loved the fact that some animals were featured in this book, and had their own personalities and felt very real.There are some hints that Cole, the central character, may be resistant to the virus he was an epidemiologist who worked in a military biohazard lab, where the virus may have been developed, and it was mentioned several times that he became sick but recovered during this time Guess I ll have to read book 2 to find out if my theory is correct Only 4 stars because it could have done with a proof read The author has a bit of a tendency to over explain things, and unnecessary wordiness on occasion It was nice...

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    Of course, it s necessary to suspend disbelief with respect to the Sympatico Syndrome on which this story is based, but the explanation is reasonable and easy to accept The story is believable and engaging The characters are well developed and compelling Unfortunately, the story ends quite abruptly It s not a full fledged cliffhanger, but the reader is definitely left wondering what happens next Scott Berrierperforms well He m...

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    It s been so long since I have read a truly great apocalypse story and the thriller aspect to this made it immensely page turning Infection really goes to the grass roots of this type of novel, recently the ones I have read often feel cliched or like a parody of the genre From the get go this book is powerful and brings up so many what if scenarios Whilst our focal point is Cole and his quest, there are also the stories of his son Hunter, and his friend Elly which help to bring home how the infection has impacted upon both urban and rural areas Sympatico itself is an unusual disease and the manic euphoria experience makes it a chillingly creepy one too and I like how it doesn t fall into the obvious route.Cole s history of dealing with infectious diseases makes him the perfect candidate to fully understand the impact of what is happening The balancing act he has to play between prepping like mad and convincing his family he isn t actually, well, mad is a difficult one for him to manage Asking your family to give up their jobs and homes, your child to give up school all on a hunch These are topics so often overlooked and I found it really refreshing to get this aspect in a story, the snapshot of time where things haven t truly hit the fan, but something c...

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    If you ve read other post apocalyptic novels which seem to be prevalent, you might say here s another and move on While this one has a unique super virus as the culprit, what I enjoyed about this one was the author s writing style she makes you feel as if you are right there in the middle of the story, very realistic, and living it out yourself The ending did leave it open for a sequel, which the author indicated in the end notes is in the works, but it did have enough of a closure that it could be complete as a standalone If a sequel is published, I d buy it but if not, I thought it was a good story I picked this up for just 99 cents during a Kindle promotion vs its normal price of 3.99 and received than 3.99 worth of entertainment value out of it if you like to read...

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    I enjoyed the premise and the characters were likable enough There were some serious plot gaps, a result of poor editing rather than writing flaws Not as realistic as I would like but an acceptable light version of apocalyptic aftermath Not enough to tempt me into reading the great of the series.

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    Most of the really bad diseases that are with us today and there are many usually people can tell they are getting sick and can go for help But what if a disease appeared where the person experienced euphoria wanting noting but to dance and sing and have a party That s what occurs in this novel Where the disease came from no one knows or if they do they sure are not telling Cole Evans is an epidemiologist who had previously worked in Africa with Ebola and other horrible diseases Cole s wife died and he had only his son he decided to retire A woman he met there was still with the CDC Then he got a phone call from her telling him to pack up his family and get somewhere somewhere safe This disease was spreading like wildfire There was no time to lose Cole called his son and told him to meet at the isolated island He then went to his brother s house and told them to pack up Obviously they gave him a hard time but did as he requested The disease was hitting his neighborhood as they were getting ready to leave.Off they drove caravan style Cole hoping t...

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    I really liked this one It was different Instead of zombies who run around eating people, this end of the world as we know it virus spreads by making people deliriously happy They get happy, they get social, they spread the disease, they drop dead One minute they re dancing in the streets The next, they re body bag filler Kind of cheery way to spark the apocalypse And let s think about that eating people thing for a minute How hard would that be Even if you aren t already dead, and thus having rigor mortis issues with your jaw, it s hard enough just to chew through a tough steak let alone some big burly construction guy s arm muscles And, how much of a person could you really eat A full sized adult person is a lot bigger than the Big Juan at Texas Roadhouse and practically nobody can eat that So, an apocalypse that doesn t involve biting is kind of a refreshing twist Anyway, just because the virus was plausible, doesn t mean you s...

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    This Was Amazing.Seriously, this is one of the best post apocalyptic books I have read in awhile, and given the rate I chew through them, that s no small praise.There are a lot of things to love about this book The characters are normal human beings, with good points and flaws They come with some skill sets that they can adapt, but nobody hits the ground as an apocalypse pro at the first sign of trouble Sometimes they re brave and help strangers, sometimes they don t take the risk Having one of the main characters as an epidemiologist is helpful as he thinks through how to plan for what s coming, but sometimes he struggles matching scientific theory with the reality of what you actually stock for the end of the world The best part of the book, for me, was that it focused on the practical aspec...

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    Ooh, loved this book It s a great pandemic apocalyptic survival story with engaging characters, an interesting and horrifying disease, and a riveting storyline.Cole, an ex military CDC kind of guy, and his brother Sean and his family head to a recently inherited island cabin to avoid the plague Coles son is at college and will drive across c...

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    Compelling Riveting Scary This story is scary because it is so realistic and believable There are no zombies, no weird aliens or crazed animals hunting humans It occurs in the present day and could happen It gives a good picture of the horror that could occur, right now, today, if a super virus were to be unleashed on the world What would happen to the structure ...

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