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Blink 1 (Rebel Minds #1) Book 1 In A Young Adult Dystopian Romance This Is A Mini Series, In Short Reads, Please Read Books In Order Aria Grace Has Always Been A Rebel Well Maybe Like A Silent Rebel Okay, Okay, Perhaps That S Not Really A Thing But Still, She S Totally A Rebel In Her Head Until She Meets Gorgeous Wisdom And Lets The Rebel In Her Out To Play Then Her World Shatters, Leaving Aria S Mind Spinning And Her Heart Aching Maybe It Was Only A Dream A Beautiful, Fleeting Dream So Fleeting, That If She Blinked, She Could Fool Herself Into Thinking It Never Happened That He Never Happened But Aria Knows Better Wisdom Was Real He Had To Be Right Soon, Aria Finds Herself On The Run, Her Life In Danger, With No Idea Who She Can Trust Wishing With All Her Heart She Could Just Go Back To Dreaming This Is Book 1 Of A Dystopian Romance Mini Series All Books Should Be Read In Order Some May Have Cliffhanger Endings.

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    3 StarsOverview I received a copy of this in exchange for a review Thanks to the author for the opportunity Overall I enjoyed this quite a bit, but I wish a few things had been expanded upon Pros There s some great sensory detail and descriptions throughout this, notably at the beginning The scene is really set and I can picture this dive bar very well There were also several descriptions I thought were very creative twists on clich s My personal favorite was The timbre of his own voice is like dark chocolate, smooth and rich with a bite to it Maybe a hint of salt I mean, comparing someone s voice to velvet or chocolate has become overused in recent years, but I thought this spin on it was quite clever I quite enjoyed the overall plot to this, and I m eager to see where this goes The ending was very exciting and revealed several elements that have me curious about the sequel Cons As mentioned before, I wish several things had been expanded upon Several times in the beginning Aria says she and Wisdom have a connection or that they talked but we never really see that I would have liked to see their actual conversations and seen that connection outside of the mutual attraction Aria also seems to consider herself a rebel, but it s never really said what she is rebelling against I...

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    Almost 2.5 stars but not quite It fell just a bit shy of the middle of the line.The first 24% of the book is so rushed and packed with fluff and filler that I was never able to properly enjoy it We get these two characters, Aria love that name and Wisdom who meet in a club bar and fall in insta love We get a crazy twenty four hours of them getting to know each other that suddenly leads to an engagement THEY JUST MET Then things get weirdI got no feel for the characters I got a lot of we talked, we kissed, we flirted, we talked some but we dont get any of the conversations I get a quarter of the way through the book and I know next to nothing about the world they live in which must be strange based on what happens or the characters themselves Which made the feeling they have for each other seem fake.It does get better after than but when I finished I still had so many questions I got a bit a better feel for the characters but s...

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    This is short story, or the first short installment of a mini series I was under the impression it was a short novel when I got it off the Kindle store because of the number of pages, but it turned out a good third of that just publicity things sneak peaks and pictures of other books.The story itself is not so bad It has a good idea and gives the impression that it may turn out to be alright It doesn t manage to fully convince you of that though The characters fail to ever obtain any depth that makes you feel invested in their lives and their interactions have a bit of a superficial feel Throughout the entirety of the story the whole series this could be something that changes, but this story gave no indication that that is the case.Also, the beginning structure was very annoying The story started a new chapter every other page despite that there was no new chapter to the story The next chapter just picked ...

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    Cliffhanger This is not a book It is a short story Had I been given a clue I wouldn t have wasted my time

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    good short story

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    Good story, but it is a cliffhangerThe writing deserves four stars, but considering how much I dislike cliffhangers, that lowers my overall rating to three stars Just about the time I was really invested in the characters, the story ends Because I am invested in the characters, I will read the next installment it appears there will be five installments I want to know for whom Jameson Wisdom work...

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    I received a copy of this book from Instafreebie with no obligation for a review I am always looking for good dystopian fiction This one didn t disappoint, other than it is a series of short books So fare this one ends in a cliff hanger I am moving on to the next...

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    Hocus pocusExcellent reading and enjoyed the book Time warping love and ones out to get her A man Wisdom , his target is her Until things got hairy interesting Am very excited to read the other follow up books to see what happens Am sure I will love this serious...

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    A quick futuristic bookC B Stone uses Blink as the base for her series of a shadowy and futuristic world where the government seems to pretty much run everything Aria, a young adult, is drawn into this world that she is unfamiliar with finding only mystery and death and a need to run.

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    Nearly Half of the content is made up of sneak peeksThe actual story you presumably want to read only takes up about 60% So just know that going in.There are some great moments of description in this But it feels very bland and paint by numbers There s no character building or worl...

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