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Hello, Darkness For Paris Gibson, Her Popular Late Night Radio Show Is Both An Escape And Her One Real Contact With The Outside World.Since Moving To Austin To Ease The Pain Of Past, Tragic Mistakes, She Has Led A Life Of Virtual Solitude, Coming Alive Only When She Hosts Her Show To Her Loyal Listeners, She Is A Wise And Trusted Friend Who Not Only Takes Their Music Requests But Listens To Their Problems And Occasionally Dispenses Advice Paris S World Of Isolation Is Brutally Threatened, However, When One Listener A Man Who Identifies Himself Only As Valentino Tells Her That Her On Air Advice To The Girl He Loves Has Caused Her To Leave Him And That Now He Intends To Exact His Revenge First He Plans To Kill The Girl, Whom He Has Abducted Which He Says He Will Do In 72 Hours Then He Will Come After Paris Joined By The Austin Police Department, Paris Plunges Into A Race Against Time In An Effort To Find Valentino Before He Can Carry Out His Threat To Kill And To Kill Again To Her Dismay, She Finds That One Of The People She Must Work With Is Crime Psychologist Dean Malloy, A Man With Whom She Shares A History That Had A Catastrophic Effect On Both Their Lives His Presence Arouses Old Passions, Forcing Paris To Confront Painful Memories That She Had Come To Austin To Forget.As The Clock Ticks Down, And Valentino S Threats Come Closer And Closer To Becoming A Reality, Paris Suddenly Finds Herself Forced To Deal With A Killer Who May Not Be A Stranger At All.

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    Well, another SB book Another hit Seriously, this woman can write As with her other books, didn t read too many reviews Didn t want spoilers For Paris Gibson, her popular late night radio show is both an escape and her one real contact with the outside world Since moving to Austin to ease the pain of past, tragic mistakes, she has led a life of virtual solitude, coming alive only when she hosts her show To her loyal listeners, she is a wise an...

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    4.5 STARSLoved it

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    This is another Sandra Brown winner for me As with the other SB books I have read, the plot and characters continue to be strong, fascinating and thrilling Various threads are woven together to create a plot that will have questioning everyone and second guessing everything Paris Gibson s life has changed Walking away from a past t...

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    Review written February 9, 20173.8 Stars Just as entertaining as every romantic SB suspense I ve read listened to Back to the always delivering romantic suspense author Sandra Brown As most often lazy me chosed the audiobook edition 13 30 interesting hours narrated by Victor Slezak A great voice to have your ear plugs and probably my absolute 1 favorite SB books narrator Paris Gibson is the host of a very popular night radio show One late Review written February 9, 20173....

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    4.5 STARSThe only reason this wasn t a 5 for me was because of the amazingness of some of her other books Loved this.

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    WOW I had to screw my head back on tight after all the head spins in this book I thought I had it figured out about 5 times then Boom I had to refigure A lot of touchy issues in this book, but don t criticize SB for itit s life One of her very best

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    I have mixed feelings with this read I think its easier to do a breakdown for this one Here it is The pros It did have a good balance of suspense The plot flowed well The cons There is cheating. than one instance that s not something I personally care for It seemed overly long and many of the details seemed redundant Way too many characters it really took away from the main chara...

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    5 STARS My ultimate favorite of Ms Brown s so far I admit that the second chance love story was a big factor on why I loved this book I especially loved reading and discovering what happened in their past In other news, I have yet to guess right who the ...

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    This was my first Sandra Brown book I dunno.her writing just might not be for me, I think The dialogue seemed so dry I felt like I was reading a story about boring old people lol, sorry The mystery aspect wasn t too bad, though.

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    I think this is the best book I ve read by SB The story is really interesting and the way it is told is simply perfect While reading I felt like I was watching an episode from Criminal Minds It was awesome I love everything about this one Paris, Dean, the story, the mystery, just ev...

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