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The Destiny Makers In The Era Of The Big Squeeze When An Environmentally Ravaged Earth Groans Beneath The Weight Of Twelve Billion People Two Men Control The Destiny Of Humankind One Was Recently Senilethe Other Is Going Insane Author George Turner, Whom Ed Bryant Calls The Best Kept Secret Of Contemporary SF, Is Rapidly Becoming A Major Force In The Field Of Speculative Fiction His Previous Novel, BRAIN CHILD, Was Greeted With Overwhelming Critical Acclaim, And Was Selected By The New York Times As A Notable Book Of The Year And Now He Storms Into Science Fiction S Front Ranks With A Chilling Look At An All Too Possible Future In The Year 2069, With The Earth S Population Dangerously Out Of Control, Procreation And The Medical Treatment Of Terminal Illness Are The Two Most Heinous Crimes Against Society But Behind The Doors Of The Top Secret Biophysical Institute, An Old Man Has Been Illegally Cured Of The Ravages Of Alzheimer S Disease And Made Artificially Younger To Serve The Unspecified Purposes Of Premier Jeremy Beltane, One Of The World S Most Powerful Leaders A Member Of The Underprivileged Wardie Class, Detective Sergeant Harry Ostrov Has Been Assigned To Serve As A Guardian To The Mysteriously Rejuvenated Nonagenarian And Entrusted With A Devastating Secret That Could Topple The Unstable Minder Government But Once Within The Confines Of The Beltane Family Enclave, The Dedicated Police Officer Is Dragged Deeper And Deeper Into A Lethal Mire Of Scandal, Corruption, Political Outrage, And Moral Dilemma Sworn To Silence Even As He Observes His Nation S Ruler, A Man Ultimately Responsible For The Future Of Civilization, Descend Steadily Into Depression, Uncertaintyand Madness George Turner S New Novel Is A Prescient And Provocative Vision Of Tomorrowand A Gripping Exploration Of Right And Wrong In A Doomed Society Fearfully Awaiting The Inevitable Fall Of The Final Fatal Axe.

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    I am so pleased to have discovered Mr Turner His is a unique voice and his vision is conveyed with stark clarity I would not casually recommend his books to people but if you ve gotten as far as reading this review, it s likely The Universe wants you to read it He is a genius at creating a tone, a mood in the world he writes about that doesthan explains thingshe makes the reader feel it And what I f...

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    This is the second book by this Australian author that I ve read He set both stories in the near future in his homeland that by way of telling giving you the frame The picture is a bit grim and soon to be a lot grimmer.This is one of the only science fiction books that I ve ever thought could actually become a realitynot literally, but it deals with the problems engendered by an exploding world population in a world of limited resour...

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    The Minders are the elite, the administrative and governmental class Wardies are workers, though some are thinkers too It s the precursor to Turner s other works, the time when the earth is overwhelmed, maggots breeding and consuming all until there s...

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    On an overburdened Earth an old man is cured of Alzheimer s and is being guarded by Detective Sergeant Harry Ostrov who is a member of the under priveleged class As he guards the man he learns of scandal and corruption.

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    The author s middle name is not Page.

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    Dystopian future of melbourne A classic An old man is frozen and bought back to life.

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