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Her Black Wings (The Dark Amulet #1) Amalya Rivers Longs To Die And End Her Lonely Existence But It Doesn T Work Out That Way A Former Runaway Turned Criminal, Amalya Is Murdered And Thrust Into A Treacherous World Full Of Red Skinned, Horned Beasts Under The Control Of The Demon Ruler, Abaddon, Instead Of Enjoying Peace And Serenity Like She Hoped But Saving A Young Child From A Certain Brutal Death In The Last Moments Of Her Life Has Earned Her A Chance At Salvation Elliott The Redeemer Wants No Part In Saving Another Soul After One Too Many Failures At Redeeming Lost Souls, The Nail Biting, Self Pitying Elliott Has Had Enough Of His Work And Would Prefer To Live Out His Eternity On Earth Drowning In Bourbon It Doesn T Matter That Amalya Has Grown Black Feathered Wings Signifying The Good That Still Dwells Within Her He Can T Risk Failure Again.Amalya Must Save Someone From Her Past In Order To Escape Abaddon S Rule She Has To Prevent The Now Grown Child She Saved From Committing Murder Or Risk Returning To Netherworld With Abaddon For Good She Can T Do It Alone, Though Amalya Needs The Help Of The Angel Sent To Guide Her, But Their Emerging Love Might Not Be Enough To Convince Elliott She S Worth The Risk Amalya Loves Her Black Wings She Knows She S Meant To Be An Angel And She Will Stop At Nothing To Prove It

About the Author: A.J. Norris

A.J Norris writes action packed, character driven stories She likes her paranormal and romantic suspense dark and delicious with a touch of humor Her favorite kind of protagonists are strong heroines who often become their own hero.A.J lives in Michigan with her supportive family and two adorable Yorkie mixes She currently serves on the board for the Greater Detroit RWA.

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    Read my full review at Taint lived all around them There was no escaping its reach Negative emotions were everywhere, but what one chose to do with those feelings was up to the individual What a FANTASTIC read this was The characters were phenomenal I absolutely LOVED the story between Amalya and Elliot and the demons that they faced together.The story line was remarkable So much happened in this story and so many connections were made that I just couldn t seem to put this down I was completely reeled into the story I loved how each character had a connection in the story and I felt as if I was part of the story with them, feeling every feeler that each character felt And the lesson ...

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    Free on UK US 15th March 19

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    Different type of fantasy Amalaya died but not really Intriguing

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    There was deep depth of emotional despair within Amalya She led a life that allowed her to survive, but always right and when time came to do it right She did, but the consequences she did not foresee Life for Amalya has changed for eternity Now the big questions was where would see complete eternity Elliott has spent forever doing a job most do not want to take on With his track record at being successful not so good He begins to doubt and despair for him sets in He was no longer wanting to do the job tasked to him That was until Amalya Or at least he showed some hesitance to completely give up on the how job aspect Abaddon has had his eyes on Amalya for a very long time now Now that she is within reach he wants very much to keep her But there was a small hitch to his desire to have her Free will Desire to do right Desire to dream hope for This was a read that captured by imagination, engaged my senses, and titillated my emotions There were multiple POVs to investigate and than one view to absorb There was her than just a romance of two souls at a crossroad There w...

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    This book was great Norris did a fantastic job pulling me in to this complicated world and I loved her descriptions Amalya was a very complex character So many bad things had happened to her in her life and then she meets Elliott, who is in a bad place himself Even through everything Amalya had endured she still had enough good in her to change things around her Even though she hadn t had the courage to do that in life, she does in death.I just think that Elliott and Amalya are my new favorite book couple I loved when they were together, how they communicated with...

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    YAYYYYY Another editing project is now a published book

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    Stick with it, it gets betterThe beginning of the story is intriguing, well paced and put together well The middle of the book starts to feel jumbled and a bit confusing, but the end of the book ties it all together and clears up a few things.Amalya is a troubled young woman from the start and the turmoil for her starts right away She makes one bad selfish decision after another until it is too late and she attempts one good deed during a life or death situation She is then taken into Hell and this is where the story gets a bit confusing The characters and descriptions were fine and well thought out The relationship between Aba and Amalya progressed seemingly overnight and with no indication on how or why they are the way they are with each other I felt as if I missed a couple pages and kept flipping back to see what I missed Elliot was full of self loathing and was supposed to be there to save Amalya He ends up pretty broken and worse off than before.Several characters are thrown in the mix and added complex to the story I found this to be a bit cumbersome in getting to the meat of the story It took a while for the other characters to show their purpose and in between all this Elliot is hot and cold to the point of exhaustion Amalya co...

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    I loved this story and this is the story of Amalya, Amalya is a Thief and a liar she didn t lead a very good life she just wanted to die none of her family wanted anything to do with her Amalya was in a phone box when a bloke asked her if she wanted a lift so she got in his car it was cold in the car and Amalya saw blankets piled up on his back seat so she pulled one off and saw a young boy gagged and bound She eventually got away from the nut job and ran back to his car the keys were still there so she started it up but the nut job started shooting at her, she had run him over but then looked down at herself and she was bleeding so she shut her eyes laid back and died When Amalya woke up she was standing outside of the car she saw a girl in there and looked and realised that it was her sl...

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    A tale of redemption like no otherAmalya made some terrible choices in life, but on her last living act, saving a young boy, gave her a chance at redemption But the road is not easy, even in death Having to deal with the Lord of the Netherworld s fickle obsession, surrounded by lies and a down on his luck, tormented by the past angel of redemption Amalya has to grow into her new reality, neither angel nor fallen, come to terms with the choices that led her down this path, and save herself and others in the meantime A tale of redemption like no other I read, original characters and an arc that defies all you ve come to expect from urban fantasy and angels demons books I confess his book has been on my tbr for some time, but only when I applied for an ARC did I end up reading it, the review deadline is a swift kick that threw me into a world I didn t expect, but devoured every word...

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    I enjoyed most of this book It was a mix of giving supernaturals human characteristics and supernatural some supernatural characteristics and I found it humorous and I chuckled This book is well written mostly smooth and humorous, again. It contains good, not so good, bad and evil It also contains salvation, how hard it is for characters to accept forgiveness and unconditional love They whine to u...

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