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Queer Paganism Queer Paganism Is An Introduction To Paganism For Anyone Who Doesn T Define Along The Standard Gender Or Sexual Norms It Strips Away The Doctrine Of Some Wiccan Teachers And Provides A Firm Foundation For For People Who Are Trans, Lesbian, Gay, Intersex, Asexual, Graysexual Or Outsiders In Any Other Way Written By A Person Who Identifies As Non Binary, The Explore How The Original Binary Teachings Of Paganism And Problematic And Them Provides An Alternative Understanding To Allow All To Feel Included This Version Is A Black And White Release Of The Book A Full Colour Copy Is Also Available.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 203 pages
  • Queer Paganism
  • Jo Green
  • English
  • 04 January 2019

About the Author: Jo Green

Jo Green is a queer person who s the author of Queer Paganism and the The Trans Partner Handbook They also founded the largest active support space for partners of trans people, called Distinction Trans Partner Support Jo is also lead singer and lyricist of a post punk band called Pentacorn and their pronouns are they them their.

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    Absolutely loved this book It gave me a really good overall, non binary view of paganism which I was really seeking Plus the author is just amazing as a person and their writing is absolutely brilliant Thanks Jo

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    I found myself nodding and smiling in agreement throughout most of this book The author s sensible and down to earth approach to magic and Paganism was very much in tune with my way of thinking They also have an exceptionally clear style of writing, which makes the book a pleasure to read.The book s subtitle is A spirituality that embraces all identities and the author has done their best to include everyone in the LGBTQIA community and heterosexuals too This book would definitely be of interest to queer Pagans and open minded heterosexuals It is not only about queer Paganism, but is about inclusive practice It is very Wicca flavoured though, so if Wicca isn t your thing, you might not like like it.Exploring Queer PaganismThe first chapter explores the meanings of Queer and Paganism It explains that Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft are distinct but overlapping The second chapter looks at how the standard binary thinking of many Pagans male female, light dark, etc doesn t include those of us who don t fit neatly into a cisgender and heterosexual view of the world Each section of the discussion unfolds clearly and neatly from the previous section of the discussion This could be very helpful for ...

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