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Savage Hills (Savage Horde Book 1) Savage Hills Where Survival Is Incidental To The Mission, And The Mission Just Became Ten Thousand Times Harder The Republic S Kids Were Soft Technology Had Made Them Weak Pushbutton War Was A Great Concept, And Indeed Had Let Them Steamroll Many A Weaker Nation But The Regulators Weren T Made For This Kind Of War The Kind That Required An Iron Will And A Reservoir Of Endurance Legions Of Troops Would Have Been Helpful Too, But The Republic Had Been Too Decimated From Years Of Empire Building To Offer Than Teens Like Joe To The Fight And Then The Savages Attacked With A Fury Never Imagined Joe Could Spit Again And Again And Never Rid Himself Of The Stench Of Death Nothing Could Take Back What He D Seen Too Many Friends And So Many Savages Had Lost Their Pathetic Lives In Some Forsaken Canyon Behind Enemy Lines Savage Hills, Indeed.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 221 pages
  • Savage Hills (Savage Horde Book 1)
  • Chris Bostic
  • English
  • 19 May 2017

About the Author: Chris Bostic

Young Adult fiction author of action adventure novels for the young, and the young at heart My latest release is a two book series comprised of Prepper Mountain and Shadow Warriors The novels are essentially wilderness Red Dawn style adventures set in the Great Smoky Mountains.

14 thoughts on “Savage Hills (Savage Horde Book 1)

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    This story is much different from Chris Bostic s other series This is a dystopian tale of soldiers trying to make the best of a horrible life Okay, there is so much to it than that, but you ll have to read it if you really want to know It s one of those war stories where you re given a feel for what real battle life is like it s not glamorous and exciting, but rather, full of blisters, being scared out of your mind, and plenty of questionable decisions The main character is very relatable and strong in a realistic kind of way Chris is great about not making cheesy love sc...

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    Initially I had a difficult time getting into this story However, once I got back to reading it after letting it sit for a while, I found myself very much enjoying it I look forward to finding out about the characters and the Savages in the next installment.

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