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Best Gay Stories 2016 Editor Steve Berman Delivers Another Fine Volume In The Best Gay Stories Series As The Rights And Privileges Of Gay Men Expand With Each Passing Year, The Demand For Stories Grows Stories That Rouse The Reader To Step Out From The Shadows, To Abandon The Role Of Outsider, And To Take His Place In The Community Of All Men And So Here Are Tales Of Intimacy And Longing, Haunts And Passion, Coming Out And Coming Together Hand In Hand Featuring Short Fiction And Essays By Acclaimed Authors And Exciting New Voices Of The Field Featuring Such Writers As Lou Dellaguzzo, Peter Dube Jonathan Harper, And Kelly Link.

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    Another solid collection of tales from editor Steve Berman and various authors, some of whom were familiar to me and some not The collection is bookended by a pair of contemporary tales that upend standard gay tropes a gay man who reverses his pilgrimage to San Francisco to return to where he grew up, and a gay couple whose chief worry at the exotic tropical wedding of a female friend is the premature child their surrogate mother is bringing into the world In between are a number of tales that are less contemporary the subject matter seems nostalgic In each, however, execution is strong Among the best is a fantastic and elusive tale of three Hollywood screenwriters one gay and how their own lives become somewhat stranger and unfamiliar to them than the odd spectral late night TV program for which they write just before the 1960s tur...

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