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ヤングのための日本語 I かなワークブック - Japanese for Young People I - Kana Workbook A New And Exciting Approach To Basic Japanese For Young Adults The Association For Japanese Language Teaching AJALT , Renowned For Its Japanese For Busy People Series, Has Developed A Comprehensive Course For Teaching Japanese To Young Adulsts In English Speaking Countries Japanese For Young People Is A New Three Level Series Designed Primarily For Junior High And High School Curricula Encourage Systematic Japanese Language Acquisition Through An Enjoyable But Structured Learning Process This Kana Workbook A Fully Integrated Component Of The Japanese For Young People Series Is For Young Students Who Want To Learn The Two Native Phonetic Sctipts, Hiragana Nad Katakana Its Unique And Proven Approach, Which Is Based On A Solid Foundation Of Writing Drills And An Aptional Audio Cassette That Is Part Of Japanese For Young People I Cassette Tapes, Teaches The Pronunciation And Configuration Of The Kana Characters In Tandem With Numerous Illustrations, A Combination Of Traditional Reading And Writing Drills, And An Entertaining Selection Of Crossword Puzzles And Wordsearches, Japanese For Young People I Kana Workbook Is The Prefect Guide For Young Learners Encountering Japanese For The First Time.

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    I started studying Japanese in my Freshman year of high school We learned the Hiragana alphabet, but we never really worked on Katakana, other than to learn how to write our names The lessons in this book made it easy and fun to continue my Japanese language education Now that I am familiar with both writing systems, I can move on to the complicated Kanji I think this book would be good for ...

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