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Soliloquies Reading Soliloquies Author Chris Wind Ls17.eu Lady MacBeth Kill Herself Please And Portia You Don T Think Someone That Intelligent Would Be Pissed To Be Bait And Trophy And Juliet, Well, Juliet Just Wants To Have Sex Soliloquies The Lady Doth Indeed Protest Is A Collection Of Soliloquies By Ophelia, Lady MacBeth, Regan, Portia, Desdemona, Kate, Isabella, Juliet, Marina, And Miranda Protesting The Role Given To Them By Shakespeare As Founder And Artistic Director Of Judith Shakespeare Company NYC I Ve Made It A Priority To Find Opportunities For Women In Classical Performance, And This Work Certainly Provides Very Exciting Opportunities For Women Performers I Know Many Actresses Who Would Love To Get Their Hands On This Material As A Shakespeare Director, I M Thrilled By The Perspective Which Chris Pieces Provide Of The Plays And Characters Which They Challenge I Believe These Will Be Sought After By Theatre Companies Which Also Do Solid Classical Work, As New Material For Their Audiences, Embraced By A Season Of Shakespeare Plays As A Feminist, I M Excited By How These Characters Come Alive And Point Up The Perceptions And Misperceptions That Have Shaped Their Literary And Theatrical Destinies As A Dramaturg, I M Than Pleased To Find Modern Playwrights Who Can Write In Heightened Language And Or Verse This Is A Rare Gift, And Chris Has This Gift Joanne Zipay, Judith Shakespeare Company, NYC

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