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Encyclopedia Gothica A Guidebook To The Language Of The Most Shadowy Of Subcultures, This Work Collects And Defines Than 550 Gothic Words And Phrases Compiled By An Acclaimed Goth Journalist And Poet, This Compendium Provides Insight Into The Unique Vernacular Of This Fascinating Community, Describing In Detail And With Black Humor The Fashion, Music, And Lifestyle As Well As Sharing Insider Slang Such As Baby Bat, Corp Goth, And The Gothic Two Step A Goth Band Family Tree And Essential Goth Listening, Reading, And Viewing Recommendations Are Also Included In This Phantasmagorical Work.

10 thoughts on “Encyclopedia Gothica

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    As someone who s pretty much an outsider to gothdom despite liking a lot of the bands, authors, movies etc mentioned, I learnt quite a lot.

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    Leseeindruck Sehr retroperspektiv, wenig Bezug zur Aktualit t Folgende Themenbereiche wurden aufgegriffen Bands, Produktionsstudios, Magazine, Shops, Literatur, B cher und allgemeine Begrifflichkeiten Ich habe das Buch orientierend von hinten nach vorn gelesen Es ist schade, dass meine Interessengebiete Film und Literatur so wenig behandelt wurden Teilweise hat...

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    A great addition to any darkling s library It has a very solid background on the the Goth subculture and elements that influenced it Liisa does a wonderful job of covering a wide and continually growing subculture and the book itself is a feast for the eyes.

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    This book caused me to place way too many holds books, movies that are going to all come in at the same time and it will be overwhelming but soooo gooooooood.

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    I loved reading this, I thought it was informative, and also really witty.

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    For the most part, Liisa Ladouceur delivered what she promised,a reference book for Gothaholics and their minions The Kobo version had a few glitches, and I wished that techno pops had got to it and I could flip back and forth to other references or external links, but that s wishful thinking on my part.It s heavy on reference, not so much on linguistics, and I enjoyed the last few list pages the most...

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    I would ve liked the book to be objective, because not all goths share the same morality, for instance Something I picked up was that the author mixed up gauntlets protective gloves and bracers arm guard in the form of a sheath Under the entry for gauntlets, she describes bracers ...

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    Although I was bored when it came to the explanations of bands and Goth people, this encyclopedia was really informing to those of us who have only a slight definition of the Goth world I am happy to say that I too enjoy many of the things Goths do ei Tim Burton.What was ...

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    Although I haven t read every single entry in this awesome book, I have skimmed and re skimmed it many, many times and I will contuinue to do so for a long time So it is going to be classed as read, even though it will remain on my bedside table for a while yet A treasure trove of uber goth coolness

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    There s nothing here that anyone who loves the macabre side of life does not already know In fact, if you have to read this collection to learn any of these terms, then you are what the author has termed a Doom Cookie or Mall Goth.

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