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Coleridge and the Daemonic Imagination PDF Epub Coleridge And The Daemonic Imagination Author Gregory Leadbetter Paletterie2000.eu Winner Of The CCUE Book Prize 2012 Fascinated By His Own Imagination, Coleridge Secretly Wrote That Its Characteristic Blend Of Power And Desire Made Him A Daemon A Being Superstitiously Feared As A Something Transnatural Coleridge And The Daemonic Imagination Examines This Simultaneous Experience Of Exaltation And Transgression As A Formative Principle In Coleridge S Poetry And The Fabric Of His Philosophy In A Reading That Spans The Breadth Of Coleridge S Achievement, Through Politics, Religion And His Relationship With Wordsworth, This Book Builds To A New Interpretation Of The Poems Where Coleridge S Daemonic Imagination Produces Its Myths The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, Kubla Khan And Christabel Gregory Leadbetter Reveals A Coleridge At Once Familiar And Strange, In A Study That Unfolds Into An Essay On Poetry, Spirituality, And The Drama Of Human Becoming.

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