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Coleridge and the Daemonic Imagination Winner Of The CCUE Book Prize 2012 Fascinated By His Own Imagination, Coleridge Secretly Wrote That Its Characteristic Blend Of Power And Desire Made Him A Daemon A Being Superstitiously Feared As A Something Transnatural Coleridge And The Daemonic Imagination Examines This Simultaneous Experience Of Exaltation And Transgression As A Formative Principle In Coleridge S Poetry And The Fabric Of His Philosophy In A Reading That Spans The Breadth Of Coleridge S Achievement, Through Politics, Religion And His Relationship With Wordsworth, This Book Builds To A New Interpretation Of The Poems Where Coleridge S Daemonic Imagination Produces Its Myths The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, Kubla Khan And Christabel Gregory Leadbetter Reveals A Coleridge At Once Familiar And Strange, In A Study That Unfolds Into An Essay On Poetry, Spirituality, And The Drama Of Human Becoming.

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