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Hoodoo Mysteries: Folk Magic, Mysticism & Rituals Conjuring Money And Attracting Love, Reversing Hexes And Stopping Slander It S All In A Day S Work For The Hoodoo Practitioner This Is True American Folk Magic, Colorful And Powerful, Yet Little Known Outside Of The Bayous And Backwoods Of Louisiana Let Ray Malbrough Take You Deep Inside The Hoodoo Mysteries You Ll Learn The Secrets Of Root Working And Magical Baths, The Head Pot And The Medium S Necklace You Ll Discover How To Divine The Future With Playing Cards And Cowrie Shells, And How To Work With The Spirits Of The Dead Step Inside A World Of Magic And Intrigue You Never Knew Existed Enter The Hidden World Of The Hoodoo.

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    This book is intensely idiosyncratic Uniquely the author s own interpretation and usage of a blend of Kardec Spiritism, Kabbalah, Haitian Voodoo, Southern Hoodoo, Roman Catholicism, and various other sources I found the book weakly structured, highly repetitive, and confusing The latter is ironic as the author constantly repeats a hope that hte reader will better understand these Arts as different I know the difference and found myself befuddled by his usages Offers a few recipes for spiritual baths, a portion for shell, and card divination, after a bizarre usage of the Spheres on the Tree of Life to characterize the various Loa Lwa, and their synchronized saints His previous works are general introductions to the ideas of Conjure, and Hoodoo s usage of Folk Catholicism I wouldn t call them definitive, or in depth, by any means As interest has risen in these subjects, better works are available with greater ease, from the scholarly, to the practical This book is blatantly an adve...

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