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Hyperborean Home Hyperborean Home Takes Place Three Millennia In The Future And Tells Of A Society That Functions In Harmony With Nature, A World Where Animals And Humans Coexist As A Blessing, Rather Than A Threat, To One Another A Blending Of High Technology, Medieval Agrarian Lifestyles, And Deep Ecology, The Age Old War Between Good And Evil Is Finally Fought To The Finish As All Living Creatures Join Forces In A Desperate Struggle Against An Enemy Seeking To Destroy Their Wonderful Way Of Life Relevant, Iconoclastic And Poignant, It Indicts The Current System And Gives Hope For A Better World To Come.

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    Very good book I would recommend it I was initially interested due to my love Hyperborean myths and of good fantasy I was a bit disappointed in some respects, considering my and the authors understandings of Hyperborea are much different, nonetheless, it was a good book Although I don t agree with all things the author says, most of it strikes a very close cord for me especially the love of nature Personally, I find his Natural Selectionism to be probably one of the closest and purest forms of exoteric Hitlerism, and thus very honorable, even if it is not my primary focus but surely a close second As Greg Johnson pointed out in his very good review on Counter Currents, the first part of the book is slow, going into the workings and differences of the world 3,000 years in the future, however, it is never boring and to those with a keen interest in the subject it detracts but only a litt...

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