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Cold Hands, Warm Heart Download Cold Hands, Warm Heart Jill Wolfson Nature Explore.eu Dani Was Born With Her Heart On The Wrong Side Of Her Body In Her Fifteen Years Of Life, She S Had Doctor S Appointments, X Rays, And Tests, And Eaten Green Hospital Jell O Than She Cares To Think About Fourteen Year Old Amanda Is A Competitive Gymnast, Her Body A Small Package Of Sleek Muscles, In Perfect Health The Two Girls Don T Know Each Other, Don T Go To The Same School, Don T Have Any Friends In Common But Their Lives Are About To Collide Acclaimed Author Jill Wolfson Tackles This Fascinating Story With Her Trademark Honesty And Wit.

  • Paperback
  • 253 pages
  • Cold Hands, Warm Heart
  • Jill Wolfson
  • English
  • 02 August 2018
  • 9781406325416

About the Author: Jill Wolfson

Hello I m the author of novels for middle grade readers 8 12 and young adults.Coming soon FURIOUS April 2013 from Henry Holt The Furies of Greek mythology are rising My debut novel, What I Call Life and its follow up, Home and Other Big, Fat Lies revolve around the lives of kids living in foster care I m also the author of Cold Hands, Warm Heart Henry Holt, 2009 It s about sudden

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    Cold Hands, Warm Heart is such a hard book to rate I had moments where I thought, oh, this is mediocre, come on, pick up and then on the other hand I had those whoa, this is intense and emotional it s not a book that you read to be entertained by so much as to learn from I ve decided to stick with a rating somewhere in between and give it a 3.75 I liked Dani, she was a cool kid She was genuine, I could sympathise with and for her, and the thing I loved was that she was never oh, poor me, woe woe woe She had attitude.Milo another hospital patient was a little dark at times, however he was certainly an interesting character to get to know Being that he was in hospital for the second time after abusing his new liver, he was a bit morose than Dani, however he certainly brought some entertainment into the storyline.A minor character, Wendy, was that cute little kid that you also kind of want to strangle She was good for laughs, though.Cold Hands, Warm Heart was told from multiple perspectives which, while not clearly indicated, ...

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    I ve had Cold Hands, Warm Heart sitting on my shelf waiting to be read I decided to take the plunge and dive in I really didn t know what to expect from this, just that someone died and donated their heart to someone else But Cold Hands, Warm Heart was so much than that There was a lot of attention to detail, the before, during, and after of people who receive transplants How it not only affects them, but also their family and friends.I really enjoyed this...

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    In a smaller format novel written for a teenage audience we have a fast paced gem of a story that captures the full donor recipient emotions in a way young audiences can easily relate The dynamics of family and patient both the donor and recipient sides come alive in the words of this gifted author as she ventures into a very different world than her earlier works with this telling based on much real life research and patient interviews In capturing the true sense of the teenage heart or hearts in this case where both liver and heart transplant lives are at stake Jill Wolfson has already gotten feedback from teenage readers who have shared how this book caused them to make positive decisions to become organ donors as they face such questions in applying for a driver s license, as one example.The book takes us very quickly through Amanda s heart breaking teen sports accident all too familiar in the news, a family decision about organ donation brought about by the influence of a younger sibling, and the far reaching life saving impacts that decision has on the lives of other teens facing their own mortality much too early in life A relationship between Milo, a teen with guilt and a failed liver waiting for his second transplant, and Dani, 15 years old and waiting for her own heart transplant, co...

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    Dani has been limited her entire life, thanks to a heart that grew on the wrong side of her chest and could never pump properly She s rolled with most of the limitations, but can t help but wonder whether she ll die with a bucket list of nevers Amanda is an accomplished and focused fourteen year old gymnast They ve never met, but their lives are about to intersect after Amanda misses part of a routine and suffers a serious brain injury When Amanda s parents and her older brother have to face the choice of removing life support and deciding whether to donate her organs, it s very painful Each one deals with their pain in a different way Tyler, her brother discovers a secret folder on his sister s computer that opens up an entirely new way of understanding her While Dani is waiting for a new heart because hers has weakened too much, she meets other kids who are waiting for transplants There s nine year old Wendy, a ball of sassy fire who needs a kidney and Milo who looks hot even if he s sort of yellow because his first donor liver is dying because he got angry and stopped taking care of himself The last thing Dani expected while wondering if she s going to die or get a new heart is a boyfriend, b...

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    Absolutely loved this A book that makes you think about life in different angles and what it means to be you I laughed and cried at the same time A definite read for those who liked My Sister s Keeper.Dani was born with her heart on the wrong side of her body In her fifteen years of life, she s had doctors appointments, X rays and tests and eaten green hospital jelly than she cares about Fourteen year old Amanda is a competitive gymnast, her body a small package of sleek muscles, in perfect health.The two girls didn t know each other until a shocking incident leaves them closer than you think The only thing Dani is thinking about now, is How do you greet your donor s family CHARACTERS 4 5I loved Dani a lot She was very bubbly and seemed to have a mature attitude towards her illness However, I believe detail was needed to be added about Dani and her life background, why she calls her Mum Beth, where here dad is I think Amanda s character was built up well and made sure you felt sympathy f...

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    Cold Hands, Warm Heart was a tolerable read but straining itself from the I am about to trash it side While the idea is innovative, it lacks the finer details.There was so much going on It had about 5 different points of views, 3 side stories, and a romance, a funeral, a revelation, and a whole bunch of other stuff thrown in There was no definite cohesion and nothing but a thin thread connecting all the stories together At points the author gets overly descriptive for some of the characters appearance but then becomes stark and face the fact The ending was lackluster and the opening was bland But there are some strong points to this book The emotional appeal can captivate many and the chameleon like voices switching from child like to the mature adul...

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    Ages 11 except for those pesky three pages where the hospital bound teens play a game of fucked or foolish 14 year old gymnast Amanda is dead after a freak accident on the uneven bars 15 year old Dani is barely clinging to life, victim of a heart that has been malformed since birth 16 year old Tyler, Amanda s brother, isn t sure how to cope with the suddenness of his sister s death Milo is on the wait list for a second liver...

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    Holy smokes My favorite book of the summer

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    Amanda was a fourteen year old gymnast, but when her life ends so many others can restartAs Amanda s family make the choice despite its toughness, to donate her like thriving organs to giv greatful donor s As her mum and dad are kind of reunited over their grief despite their divorce, Tyler wants to hear from the donor sDani was born with a large heart and on the wrong side of her chest.Milo the boy in the room next to hers in hospital has a failing liver despite having had a transplant previously.Miriam can see again out of her eye, Wendy is a happy little girl again with a new kidney and another girl minorly mentioned gets a new pancreas to cure her diabetes.As Dani and Milo kind of fall for each other, Tyler replies to the donor s, eventually meeting Dani and his mum getting some final closure on his sister s death.It was moving and emotional as expected of a novel all about transplants and how essential and life saving they are It was a new topic to read about I m teen fiction as...

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