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Architecture Counts (Preservation Press) A Senior Editor At Progressive Architecture And An Award Winning Architectural Photographer Come Together To Present Four Colorful Board Books That Introduce The Built Environment To Preschoolers Architecture Counts Consists Of Numbers From 0 10 Such As Two Brackets, Three Dormers, Five Arches And Six Ducts Architecture Shapes Explores Shapes Through The Composition And Arrangement Of Windows Architecture Colors Looks At The Entire Building As Well As Several Details To Suggest Nine Colors Including A Red Barn, Green Roofs And A White Church Architecture Animals Is An Excursion Into The Deepest, Wildest, Architectural Jungles Around Contains 14 Animals In Their Native Habitats Crawling Across Building Facades, Perched On Top Of A Skyscraper Or Lounging At The Ocean Shore Each Full Color Photograph Is Accompanied By A Rhyme That Provides Hints Of The Animal S Location Or History.

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    This is creatively made and fun for parents to read I imagine some kids that really like building may enjoy this book There are some words that seem a little complex for the intended age range, like dormers, pinnacles, and brackets.

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    I got this book at the library for my baby I love it I think the unique vocabulary and photography is quite nice I hope my baby likes it too.

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