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My Very Big Little World PDF My Very Big Little World Peter H Reynolds Thomashillier.co.uk SugarLoaf Is Good At Many Things Here S What She S Best At Talking Baby Talk To Her Little Sister Waking Her Dad Up In The Morning Painting Portraits Growing Big Girl Teeth SugarLoaf S A Very Little Girl With Some Very Big Ideas Come Play With Her

10 thoughts on “My Very Big Little World

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    Pure cute.

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    The concept of big and little seems to be the main theme, but it gets a bit tangled in all he whimsey, Especially in naming things.

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    MY VERY BIG LITTLE WORLDis another precious book by Peter H Reynolds We experience the world through little Sugarloaf s eyes, in the sweetest, most authentic way We get to know her, her family and Sugarloaf s place in the scheme of thing...

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    SugarLoaf, named by her baker father and dentist mother, tells us about her family, her neighborhood, and what she likes to do.Not as much a world book as I thought, cute but I don t know if the kids would get the concept of big and small because there are so many other ...

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    Surprisingly, I did not like this book as much as Peter Reynolds other books This one fell short of a nice moral and even sweet, whimsical illustrations Perhaps there is a reason that there are no other SugarLoaf books

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    A bit of an odd story, written with three year old logic Makes sense that my three year old loved it Simple, but cute illustrations and a short narrative from a little girl s perspective We ve borrowed this from the library a couple of times.

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    Fun for either preschool or toddler storytimes Walk through SugarLoaf s day step by step until nighttime It s a fun and simple story, but I have to admit that I mostly like it because of the names SugarLoaf and SugarLump Fantastic

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    Absolutely charming

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    A very cute story about some creature actually species unknown named SugarLoaf who examines the big and small of her world.Really sweet illustrations.

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    So sweet I just wish there wasstory holding it all together.

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