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Natural Eating EPUB Natural Eating By Geoff Bond Bystricepodhostynem.eu Geoff Bond S Book Natural Eating Surprises Us By Questioning Many Fondly Held Beliefs Human Beings Have Forgotten How They Should Be Feeding Themselves Instead We Are Misled By The Nutritional Establishment Which Is Blinkered By Poor Science, Cultural Conditioning, And By Commercial Vested Interests The Book Cuts Through The Hype, Misinformation And Confusion To Teach The Basic, Simple Truth About How Humans Should Be Feeding Themselves It Is Neither Just A Quick Fix Nor A New Diet It Is Much It Is A Way Of Life It Will Change The Practitioner S Life Around It Will Optimize His Life Chances For Health, Vitality And Longevity It Avoids The Health Destroying Distortions Of Fad Diets Many People Want To Eat Right But Are Confused By The Conflicting Messages Natural Eating Gives Us The Tools To See The Truth Clearly It All Becomes Simple When We Make Our Decisions Based On The Knowledge Of What It Means To Be A Human Being We Now Know The Origins Of The Human Species, Its Ideal Feeding Pattern And How We Can Emulate This In Today S World There Are Many Surprises Many Foods That Both The Public And Conventional Nutritionists Consider A Normal, Even Essential Part Of The Diet, Are Making Us Sick We Need To Sharply Reduce Them, Even Ban Them Completely We Need To Give Emphasis To Others As Geoff Bond Says Our Pleistocene Ancestors KNEW They Were Living In A Dangerous Place Today, We Are Like Lambs To The Slaughter The Average Supermarket Is Just As Dangerous A Place To Find Food As The Savannahs Of East Africa We Need To Be Just As Skilful As Our Ancestors In Making Wise ChoicesNatural Eating Is Already Highly Popular In Europe And Is Being Published In Several Languages.

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    Once you read this book, you will never look at food the same again I highly recommend this book for better eating Your health will thank you for it.

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