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Hold Back This Day Ward Kendall S HOLD BACK THIS DAY Is A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel About A Future In Which A Totalitarian World Government Promotes Universal Miscegenation To Eliminate All Racial Differences In The Name Of Diversity, Of Course.HOLD BACK THIS DAY Tells The Story Of How Jeff Huxton, One White Man Standing On The Brink Of Our Race S Extinction, Regained His Racial Consciousness And Pride And Began To Fight Back.HOLD BACK THIS DAY Is A Fast Paced, Highly Entertaining, Yet Deeply Serious And Subversive Novel Of Ideas.First Published In 2001, HOLD BACK THIS DAY Was Written As A Prophecy Of The 22nd Century Only Ten Years Later, It Reads Like A History Of Our Own Long Out Of Print And Fetching Ridiculous Prices On The Used Market, HOLD BACK THIS DAY Is Now Available Again In Handsome Hardcover And Trade Paperback Editions From Counter Currents Publishing.

10 thoughts on “Hold Back This Day

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    Very disturbing but well written book It claims to be science fiction but I can already see large chunks of the book coming to fruition in actions and words of the leftists and globalists around the world I hope it doesn t come to that but if it does I am ready.

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    3.4 5 fiction

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    Kendall paints a grim picture of what could happen if the elites of today s world are left unchecked in their self anointed determination to eliminate national borders and create their vision of utopia of everyone being citizens of the world For all of history, Western civilization has been the driving force for the advancement of mankind, and yet a small group of leftists ...

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    I found Hold Back This Day to be very timely, considering both Europe and North America are under demographic siege by swarming hordes of illegal aliens and so called refugees.Kendall s novel is set a hundred years from now, after the West has capitulated which they are in the process of doing now and what s left over is a world lain waste by multiculturalism, race ...

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