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Death In Daytime: A Soap Opera Mystery First In A Fun New Soap Opera MYSTERY Series Written By An Emmy Nominated Soap Star She S Bold She S Beautiful And She S About To Go To Jail For Murder Soap Opera Actress Alexis Peterson Has Starred In The Nation S Top Soap Opera For Almost 20 Years But Her Career Takes A Nose Dive When Marcy Blanchard Is Hired As The Head Writer Little Did Alexis Realize That Marcy S Been Holding A Grudge All These Years And Is Ready To Take Her Revenge So When Marcy Turns Up Dead, Bludgeoned To Death With Her Emmy , No One Is Surprised That Alexis Is The Prime Suspect No One Except Alexis, That Is, Who Knows She Has To Take Matters Into Her Own Hands If She Wants To Avoid Being Arrested For A Crime She Didn T Commit And Becoming The Real Killer S Next Victim

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    3.5 Stars.This book surprised me I didn t expect to like this book as much as I did I mean its written by a soap star turned Real Housewife, my expectations were lowreal low Death in Daytime is about Alexis Peterson the star of the soap opera The Yearning Tide who is wrongfully suspected of murdering the head writer Marcy Blanchard Ms Blanchard is not a popular person and almost everyone she knew wanted her dead Alexis decides to solve the case and clear her own name and in the process she meets and develops a connection with one of the cops investigating her I wish I was a soap opera watcher I think I would have gotten of the inside jokes I also really want to know who the re...

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    My guilty pleasure being Real Housewives of BH, I picked up the first mystery by soap and reality TV star, Eileen Davidson The actress s voice and sense of humor come through clearly in the character of Alexis Peterson, a long time star of The Yearning Tide It was fun to get an inside look albeit, a fictional and, I assume, exaggerated one behind the scenes of a top soap opera Of course, just as in the soaps, t...

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    I liked this cozy and learned a lot of behind the scenes things about soaps I nearly spit my tea out when the author mentioned an ugly rumor being spread about the main character being a man by a vengeful head writer, because I know that rumor happened to the auth...

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    Super cute mystery I was attracted by the idea that this book was written my an actress on a soap I watch sometimes, but I was pleasantly surprised by a fun story.

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    I was disappointed by this book I love soaps, and I also love pulp mystery novels, so I was really excited about it I thought omg, this series is going to rock This one thoughthe characters were so flat Especially Alex, the main For being a main character in a series I thought she d be a bit real I don t want to be too harsh though I mean Davidson is an actor and she i...

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    This was a really fun book The story flowed well, and I loved the short chapters I needed to read a book written by a celebrity for a library challenge and this fit the bill to a T There was a bit foul language than what you normally see in a cozy, but it mainly came from one side character in particular I think the author wanted this character to be rather obnoxious and that was one way of doing it It felt like the story was coming from the authors own voice, whic...

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    It started out as three stars kind of vapid and oddly delightful I did a full narration to an audience for this novel, which might have made it slightly better than it would have been if I had just straight up read it But Th...

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    I love soaps so I most likely will read 2.

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    Eileen Davidson is not only a great actress, she can also write a great cozy mystery I really enjoyed this, and look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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    I loved this book.It was a great story from one of my favorite Soap Opera actresses.

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