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A Ruling Passion Read A Ruling Passion Author Daphne Clair Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk She Came Out Fighting From The Beginning Alex Cameron Led A Comfortable Reclusive Life She Loved Her Work As A Jade Carver And Was Proud To Raise Her Daughter With No Man S Help In Fact, Alex Had Completely Sworn Off Men Until Richard Lewis Came Along And Upset Her Equilibrium He Persisted In Stirring Up The Longings And Desires That She Had Hidden Behind Her Shield Of Independence Valiantly She Steeled Herself For The Battle Of Wills That Would Inevitably Precede His Conquest.

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    This one really didn t work for me as a romance It felt like women s fiction exploring the issue of the day in this case a woman s career over a man s and the ending was HFN rather than an HEA at least in my mind.The story opens with the hero businessman trying to track down a jade carver on the West Coast of NZ He is surprised when the carver named Alex turns out to be a young woman with a nine year old daughter Heroine is bra less and barefoot and a peacenik vegetarian and she is reluctant to do any business with the stuffy middle class hero view spoiler Hero keeps pursuing her and heroine fights the attraction There are long descriptions of how jade is sourced and carved There are also descriptions of gold mining, glaciers, and tall tales from the West Coast Hero travels often to see a dragon he has commissioned for an old man, and heroine resents every visit She does soften up a bit when she travels with the hero to his home in Christchurch and meets the old man and the hero s parents The hero is very open about his attraction to her and then his love for her She throws every accusation in the book at him, such as he sees her as an easy mark because of h...

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    I liked this one alot The heroine is a jade carver It and her daughter are the ruling passions of her life She is very bohemian, not caring how she looks or what she wears She has no interest in men, other than as friends or business acquaintances After a teenager mistake results in pregnancy, and her teenaged partner turned out to be less than useless, she decides that men have no place in her life.The H, Richard, is a buttoned up, conservative business man His name is not Rick, or Rich, or Dick it is Richard He shows up at the h s door looking for a jade carver for a special project He s looking for a man because he was told that th...

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    Okay I like this oidie cover way than the other one So anyhoo Things I liked 1 I liked that the h was so independent and forward thinking2 A professional woman with a different career than norm3 Guy s perspectivethings I didn t like so much1 The way the h was resisting the dude with the suit, I thought sh...

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    According to reviews, this story

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    Well if I had to describe this book, I would call it unconventional The heroine is a jade carver and a single mother who just wants to do her work and be with her daughter, she isn t looking for a man, so when the hero comes to buy from her she is not welcoming, he is a city guy who thinks she should try and become mainstream To be honest I didn t feel the romance much, the hero makes an overture and the heroine shoots him down really well She was a teenage mother and later tried romance but it wasn t for her but suddenly she falls for the hero and marries him and moves to the city but she is unhappy, she doesn t fit into that life, her creativity stifled, her daughter too is unhappy and she leaves The hero comes after her after some time and they hash it out and decide to have a long distance marriage because the hero for some time is obliga...

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    This is one of my most favorite DC s even though it isn t conventional The h is a jade carver in NZ and the H wants to commission her for a special dragon They fall in love along the way and since both have very different lifestyles, she is an artistic single mom and he is the epitome of city guy businessman, they find out she doesn t do well in the city and he...

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    Good writing and interesting creative heroine, but I just didn t get into it.

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    Rating 3 5Initially I just didn t see the premise for a lasting relationship for the two main characters somewhere at the end it got interesting when Alex struggled to find balance between her love for Richard, and her devotion to her craft.

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