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How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live: Learning the Alexander Technique to Explore Your Mind-Body Connection and Achieve Self-Mastery KINDLE How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live Learning The Alexander Technique To Explore Your Mind Body Connection And Achieve Self Mastery By Missy Vineyard Chardonneret.eu The Alexander Technique AT Is A Remarkably Simple But Powerful Method For Learning To Skillfully Control How Your Brain And Body Interact, Allowing You To Better Coordinate Your Movements While Increasing The Accuracy Of Your Mind S Thoughts And Perceptions Now, In How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live, Leading Alexander Technique Master Teacher Missy Vineyard Sheds A Completely Fresh Light On This Revolutionary Method And, In The Process, Offers Path Breaking Insight Into The Mind Body Connection Vineyard Thoroughly Explains And Teaches The Central Skills Of The AT Through Simple Self Experiments, And She Offers Engaging Stories Of Students In Their Lessons To Show Its Effective Application Across A Range Of Disciplines, Including The Performing Arts, Athletics, Health, Psychology, And Education How You Stand, How You Move, How You Live Introduces Us To A World Within Ourselves That We Know Surprisingly Little About And Thereby Helps Us To Understand Why We Often Cannot Do What We Should Be Able To Do, Why We Harm Ourselves With Chronic Tension And Anxiety, And Why Our Thoughts Often Seem Beyond Our Control Vineyard Is Also The First AT Teacher To Draw On Cutting Edge Research In Neuroscience And To Synthesize Those Findings With AT Theories And Techniques She Fully Illuminates The Benefits To Be Reaped By Mastery Of The Alexander Technique, Which Include Release From Acute Or Chronic Physical Pain Enhanced Mental Attention And Focus Reduced Anxiety Improved Balance And Coordination Relief From Tension And Stress Increased Ease And Efficiency Performing Precise Movement Skills

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    This book is an introduction to the Alexander Technique A.T This technique was conceived of by Frederick Matthias Alexander, a 19th century stage actor who discovered a connection between our way of thinking and the effect it has on how we move In his case, he developed a chronic problem with his throat that made it difficult to speak comfortably when performing Over time his voice would become raspy and his throat would feel raw So he visited a doctor who told him to stop performing for a while and drink lots of tea with honey He did this and was able to return to the stage Shortly after returning, his voice became a problem again He went back to the doctor who advised that he stop performing again and drink tea with honey He then asked the doctor if there might be something that he was doing that was wrong and therefore hurting his throat The doctor said it s possible, but had no suggestions Since Alexander didn t want to stop acting, he decided to try some experiments, one of which was to watch himself in a mirror from various angles as he performed He was shocked to discover that he had some unusual physical mannerisms that he was completely unaware of.That introductory story is followed by other stori...

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    Mostly descriptive, with a handful of exercises

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    I became interested in Alexander Technique through my musical study David Monette promotes the concepts and through my research I learned that Adolph Bud Herseth was a proponent as well It s hard for a trumpet player to ignore the advice of a couple guys like that The first part of the book lays down the basics of the technique Much is made of the changing orientation of the head and spine through human evolutionary history I took away an idea that human capacity for language has perhaps diminished our ability to move naturally, i.e efficiently, in accordance with our physical structure If you want to make sense of that you ll just have to read the book.Also useful was the information presented about the amygdala and its role as our mental burglar alarm Vineyard connected these ideas with others findings in neuroscience regarding the stress reaction This stuff is just good to understand if you are a performer Heck it s good for every single person to understand because we all deal with stress, and I d say most of us deal poorly with it.Where the book lost me though, was in the second part, where it descends into woo There is a whole chapter on touch that reads to me just like a disposition on therapeutic touch Therapeutic touch has been thoroughly debunked.Further, while there are lots of good theories presented in the book, very little is actually backed up by evidence ...

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    The Alexander technique is yet another way to become aware of your body in space and to control it for better health, presence, and even charisma It was started by an Australian actor whose posture, he noted, was damaging his voice That began a long process of self discovery, and finally teaching, in proper posture and movement And yes, his voice improved The book by Missy Vineyard, the head of the New England Alexander Technique school, is full of stories of people who hold themselves wrong and re learn how t...

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    I found this book while browsing randomly at , looking for some base to improve my overall posture This book seemed like a good starting point to something called The Alexander Technique , which as I found out from my internet research, was a good way to solve body problems.Wow, was I shocked as I began reading this book Yes, this is a book about improving your posture, but it also delves into profound topics How your mind body connection is formed and can be retrained, how we often confuse bodily inputs feelings and emotions with our outputs, the direction that our developed pre frontal cortex offers Its main tenents are that of inhbiting and directing, and thei...

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    The other reviews and the write up are clear indications about the contents of the book I would like to add that I was able to do the Alexander Technique for about a year I purchased this book because I wanted to be able to continue it on my own That was...

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    Excellent book on the Alexander Technique The case study stories helped to explain different applications of the technique I was really amazed by many of the connections between the technique and the practice of Tai Chi Th...

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    I enjoyed the anecdotes of how Alexander Technique helped others, I liked some of the exercises, but for some reason I found it a little hard to follow in a linear way I ll hang on to it as a reference for a while.

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    This book is a bit long winded for my liking but does contain many gems and does explain the Alexander Technique well, eventually These teachings really add a new understanding to the dimension of the body mind connection and for that I am grateful.

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    trouted from Bookery 2 I m not sure this book offers anything new but it looks case oriented and readable.

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