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Shakespeare and Vampires Reading Shakespeare And Vampires By C.J.E Contra Saustall.eu Shakespeare Would Have Laughed, Cried, Sighed Thinking About The Days Gone By And Written A Line About Love, Hate, Strife And The Sacrifices In Life He Would Have Written A Quick Couplet About How Sorrow Drinkers The Blood Of Romeo And Juliet, His Most Famous Characters The Vampire Was Not Completely Unheard Of In The Elizabethan Era Of Plague, Pleasure, And Pleasantry The Pagan Realm Of Roman Gods And Fallen Angels Wielded Their Influence In The Pros Of Shakespeare But His True Faith Of Christianity Truly Prevailed In The End This Is A Revamped Edition Of Shakespeare S Most Infamous Play That Includes The Gory Gratuitous Details Of The Romance Between Two Star Crossed Lovers From Feuding Families As They Fought Fraught With First Love, Fortitude, Fearlessly Facing Forever At The Time When The Actual Play Was Penned Shakespeare Was Battling The Bite Of A Bitter Wife And Struggling To Make Ends Meet Soon After The Play Was A Complete Success Shakespeare Reunited With His Wife And Gave Birth To Twins While Entertaining The Queen Of England, Queen Elizabeth I Filled With Sword Fights, Ancient Vampire Relics, Vampire Queens And Intrigue, This Revitalized Rendition Of Romeo Juliet Brings New Life To The Fabled Play, Versed As A Novel Infused With Expanded Bites Of Vampire Vitality And Vigor

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    Funny twist to the true Shakespeare story I liked it Something different.

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