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Learn Japanese the Fast and Fun Way [With Dictionary] English Speaking Travelers To Japan Will Find This Informal Introduction A Painless Way To Gain A Fundamental Grasp Of Japanese The Color Illustrated Book Presents Words And Phrases For Meeting And Greeting People, Asking Directions, Getting Hotel Accommodations, Dining, Shopping, Getting Help In An Emergency, And Much The Book S Extra Features Include A 40 Page Pull Out Bilingual Dictionary That Uses Phonetic Spellings Of Japanese Words, Language Quizzes And Puzzles, And Perforated Pull Out Vocabulary Cards This Language Teaching Program Is Suitable Both For Adults And Older Children.

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    I think the best summary of the book is this The book halfway wants to be one step up from a phrasebook that you would stick in your pocket and stumble through when you are traveling in japan, but it also halfway wants to be a real language books It fails at both.I m currently a student at a Japanese language school in SF and I wanted another workbook to give myself a little extra homework from Alas, I found this book to be very poor.I m a little confused as to who exactly this book is aimed for While the subject matter is overtly tourist focused, the content seems to assume that the reader already has some sort of grasp of the Japanese language.The concept behind the introduction of vocabulary issorta almost a good idea But the execution of it doesn t quite succeed The chapters begin with a semi lengthy conversation One half of the page is written in romajii the roman alphabetic transcription of kana and the right side is the english translation Again, I think this could be a potentially good way exposing students to a language However, in this particular book the author...

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    Didn t manage to finish reading it Prioritized examination studies.

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