[Ebook] Wilder's Mate (Bloodhounds, #1) By Moira Rogers – Airdomains.co.uk

[Ebook] Wilder's Mate (Bloodhounds, #1) By Moira Rogers – Airdomains.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 108 pages
  • Wilder's Mate (Bloodhounds, #1)
  • Moira Rogers
  • English
  • 15 June 2018

Wilder's Mate (Bloodhounds, #1)Think A Vampire Hunting Bloodhound Is Dangerous Try Threatening His Woman Bloodhounds, Book 1 Wilder Harding Is A Bloodhound, Created By The Guild To Hunt Down And Kill Vampires On America S Frontier His Enhanced Abilities Come With A High Price On The Full Moon, He Becomes Capable Of Savagery Beyond Telling, While The New Moon Brings A Sexual Hunger That Borders On Madness Rescuing A Weapons Inventor From Undead Kidnappers Is Just Another Assignment, Though One With An Added Complication Keeping His Hands Off The Man S Pretty Young Apprentice, Who Insists On Tagging Along At Odds With Polite Society, Satira S Only Constant Has Been The Aging Weapons Inventor Who Treats Her Like A Daughter She Isn T Going To Trust Wilder With Nathaniel S Life, Not When The Guild Might Decide The Old Man Isn T Worth Saving Besides, If There S One Thing She S Learned, It S That Brains Are Important Than Brawn As The Search Stretches Far Longer Than Wilder Planned, He Finds Himself Fighting Against Time If Satira Is Still At His Side When The New Moon Comes, Nothing Will Stop Him From Claiming Her Worse, She Seems All Too Willing If Their Passion Unlocks The Beast Inside, No One Will Be Safe Not Even The Man They Re Fighting To Save Warning This Book Contains A Crude, Gun Slinging, Vampire Hunting Hero Who Howls At The Full Moon And A Smart, Stubborn Heroine Who Invents Mad Scientist Weapons Also Included Wild Frontier Adventures, Brothels, Danger, Betrayal And A Good Dose Of Wicked Loving In An Alternate Wild West

About the Author: Moira Rogers

How do you make a Moira Rogers Take a former forensic science and nursing student obsessed with paranormal romance and add a computer programmer with a passion for gritty urban fantasy Toss in a dash of whimsy and a lot of caffeine, and enjoy with a side of chocolate by the light of the full moon.By day, Bree and Donna are mild mannered ladies who reside in the Deep South At night, when their h

10 thoughts on “Wilder's Mate (Bloodhounds, #1)

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    I d call this a very weak three star book There s an intriguing premise here, but none of the elements are fleshed out enough to be engrossing All the components romance, world building, action plot are almost skimmed over, making them feel perfunctory The hero and heroine meet and spend a few days on horses together, which the author does not actually write out for us to see, then suddenly they re consumed by passion and hooking up The world building names the components of her steampunk world, but then doesn t go into details, leaving it just another Our Vampires Are Different paranormal romance Then the action plot, the conflict that sends our heroine off into the dangerous wasteland with a scary bloodhound, resolves in a anticlimactic pfft of a weak fight scene No sense of unbeatable odds, no dazzling maneuvers, no dramatic last ditch efforts Just a werewolf bloodhound turning into a wolf beast...

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    About 10% through The setting is Wild West with grit, similar to PRIEST scenes out of the city touches of steampunk and roving vampires, but instead of the celibate ascetic warriors, the bloodsuckers are hunted by bloodhounds, probably werewolves by all indications Bloodhounds are renowned for their fighting prowess and their smexy I have a feeling smexy will happen pre...

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    Well, I thoroughly enjoyed that

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    Cool new world, exciting storytelling, and sexy romance Loved it Definitely recommended to PNR dystopian readers.

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    I was disappointed in this I d really hoped to like it More Western than steampunk, the whole thing was confusing and disjointed It s like the authors were trying to make it smutty look, the heroine was raised in a brothel and the hero has some sexual kink without being too smutty but she s not a prostitute herself, even though she is experienced and the hero s sexual kink is I really have no idea There are hints that it might be bondage or domination, but it s all allusion and nothing is shown In other areas of the story, the hero and heroine suffer from the same dangerous but not too much it almost felt gimmicky to me And the torture scene I really don t get that I don t like reading about torture and I certainly don t find it heroic, but 1 how is this mindless ghoul susceptible to torture in the first place and 2 his succinct and coherent answers seem unlikely.Overall though, horses and vampires aside, this is supposed to be a romance I kind of get why Satira falls for Wilder she s suddenly alone, without financial or emotional support, in a wo...

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    I really enjoyed this fascinating book from the very beginning It is a really interesting mixture of a number of different genres, with none of them really dominating but just jumbled altogether to come up with something which seems fresh but comfortingly familiar at the same time.There s Western elements I could visualize the setting somewhere near Arches in Utah , there s paranormal the hero is a bloodhound , and there are vampires and ghouls running around , there s steampunk the gadgets and tools and clever Victorian style engineering , and there s romance pretty steamy, but not icky There is also fruity language, which I actually really enjoyed it was scattered around and I thought was actually well used for emphasis, but not so much that you roll your eyes at the author s limited vocabulary.The plot was simple, but well executed and the world building was limited, but fit the needs of the story, so it all made for a really enjoyable r...

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    Originally posted at Quote I like my women enthusiastic It s a wonder you can find any, unless you take care not to speak first Satira needs someone to assist her in rescuing her mentor, Nathanial What she gets is Wilder A devastatingly sexy bloodhound created by the Guild to hunt and destroy vampires As Satira and Wilder make their way to Deadtown, the attraction between them sparks and blazes out of control But Wilder is a dangerous man And a real killer in his true form If he succumbs to the passion between Satira and him during the full moon then the beast will claim her no matter what Even at the expense of the man who they are trying to save.I m a huge fan of steampunk and when Moira Rogers let me know they were writing a steampunk story I was fully prepared to stalk them until they let me have it Luckily for both of us, they gave in gracefully A novella at 103 pages, The writing team of Moira Rogers packs in an incredible smexy, action packed story that will have you glued to your e reader An enchanting mix of old and new sets the stage as we engage with our tw...

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    I picked this up because it was part of the Smart Bitches book club for May I wasn t too sure what to expect, especially after reading that it was a steampunk erotica paranormal western romance I mean, really, WTF But that s the great thing about book clubs They get you to read something you might not pick up on your own For my part, I enjoyed nearly every page of this crazy mix book The authors write well together, mixing the genres brilliantly It could so easily have felt like a disjointed story, but there was a convincing reason for the way it all worked together My only criticisms would be that Satira s character was a mite needy emotionally though physically she was as kick ass as I usually like , and the crude language was a little bit surprising in the quasi historical context.The story is set in the Old West, or something very much like it, where women have limited options in career choices We meet Satira, an apprentice inventor enter steampunk who accompanies Wilder, a bloodhound enter paranormal to rescue her friend...

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    Quickie Review For full review, please visitThe Romanceaholic.I admit, it isn t often that I buy a story on release day With very few exceptions, I typically wait a week or two until I have a chance to read some reviews from people who share my tastes in stories before I plunk down any of my hard earned money However, I am a Moira Rogers fangirl, and when I found out she had a new story that combined vampires, werewolves of a sort , western romance, and steampunk, I couldn t get over to quickly enough Add to that the fact that it s less than a Starbucks Latte, and I was immediately sold.It should be noted that there was prolific use of the c word, for those readers who can t stand its usage, as well as an occasional foray into some back door loving Despite the language, I don t feel that this q...

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    This was a hit and miss for me Some of the reason for the miss I can t quite put my finger on other than to say I felt disconnected most of the time Other issues were the lack of transitioning the reader into the worldbuilding It was like I was diving into the middle of a book or series and there was an assumption that the reader would just know things I did grasp pieces of the world through things dropped here and there steampunk elements, vampires, historical period on frontier, magic to turn men into half beasts, etc, but it was so spotty on the details that it was frustrating Then most tedious is the heroine s oversexed nature that came on too strong right at the get go making the hound seem tame in comparison The instalust might not have been so bad, but she went from lust to can t live without him in a blink I ge...

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