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The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones Free Author Martin Elliott Contra Saustall.eu The Definitive Guide To The Rolling Stones Recorded Works, First Published In 1989, Has Now Been Updated To Take Into Account Recent Releases And Include Additional Research Information With Every Official Release, Bootleg, Recording Session, And Significant Live Recording Listed In Chronological Order, Every Song Also Carries A Full Commentary And Places The Recording In Context With The Historical Period.

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    Do you want to know the complete discography of the Rolling Stones From 1962 2012 Who played on each recording Who was the engineer What was the date The first handful of recordings were by Little Boy Blue the Blue Boys, before the full roster of the Rolling Stones came together Recording 1 Around and Around The musicians Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bob Beckwith, Allen Etherington,and Dick Taylor Recorded in January to March of 1962 Chuck Berry s ...

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    ROLLING STONES COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS 1962 2002 is a valuable reference guide for any Stones fan to possess enabling quick access to details of dates and personnel of each song recorded during this period of the band s history.Although it is an excellent reference guide, as with all books on The Rolling Stones it has certain facts and dates disputed, and I d recommend reading other books on the band s history to familiarize oneself with any controversies it contains.Recommended to all Ston ROLLING STONES COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS 1962 2002 is a valuable reference guide for any ...

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    It was an OK story but in manuscript form it was difficult for me to keep up with whoever of the multitude of charecters was speaking It looked shortish but it took me ages to complete it.I m sure it ll make a great play one day.

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    This is the third edition of the book that I ve owned and I can t imagine acomprehensive yet readable sessionography Everything you could possibly want andwill be found here Treat yourself.

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    ok I don t know if I like what this book did to me, or I hate it.know when I listen to the stones.I hear every instrument, listen for all the breaksand I find out that one of the best songs ever keith is not even on.

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    concise record of all their studio sessions , mentioning many unreleased songs.

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    Really text heavy review of songs and albums It would be improved by integrating the pictures with the text, but worth the quick read.

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